Restaurant review: Zeta
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Restaurant review: Zeta

Check it out for its fabulous views and California meets Asian Cuisine

Where: Address Downtown
What: Mediterasian - Calfornia meets Asia
Must Try: Sushi platter

If, as they say, first impressions are the best, then Zeta, positioned at the furthest end of the gorgeous Address Downtown, wins you over. Expansive space, seamlessly divided as a restaurant and lounge, bean bags spelling out a relaxing evening with shisha, high bar stools offering exquisite views, twinkly lights on one side and romantic tables on the other – what’s not to love? Wherever you sit, you get the best possible view of the ever-fascinating fountains and Burj Khalifa.

The food matches up to the views. In this California meets Asia menu, with the Asian part being stronger of the two, you find the regular favourites and some new ones. We went with our server’s suggestion - the mixed sushi platter – and it turned out to be the best. Be it the sushi, sashimi, nigiri or the California roll, they are all fresh, delicious and wonderfully presented.  However, the Atlantic prawns didn’t work for us with the spicy cocktail sauce not being flavourful or spicy enough to make for a tasty bite. But it was compensated by the cod which ticked every box, a must-try indeed. Desserts deserve a special mention too, especially the warm chocolate fondant and mango pudding and they rounded up a meal that was light, unfussy and refined. The added ingredient – the iconic views and serene winter vibe. Go for it on a date night!

Restaurant review: Zeta

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