Restaurant Review: Zafran
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Restaurant Review: Zafran

An Indian meal to remember!

What is the first thing that pops to mind when you’re invited to try on North Indian cuisine? Same old right? How much different could a Butter Chicken or a Dal Makhni taste from what you're offered at every other India restaurant out there?

With no shortage of Desi eat outs in the city, Zafran stands out among many them, breaking many pre-conceived notions on a North Indian meal. Tucked away on the first floor of the Mirdiff City Centre, the restaurant seems like a different part of the establishment altogether. With a splendid sophisticated set-up, Zafran truly doesn’t disappoint. Who wouldn’t want a great meal with a nice ambiance right? 

Chef Sabu, who has previously worked at the renowned restaurant, Asha’s, makes sure to serve up a storm with decadent Indian specialities that stand out based on taste and taste alone. To begin with we were served the rose lemonade that was absolutely delish! This was followed by the Chicken and Mushroom soup, which was a nice medley of both the flavours with hints of pepper and spice. However, what really stole the show was the Tandoori Grilled Tiger Prawns. The large sized crustacean was grilled to perfection with the meat soft and tender, spiked with a hint of Indian spice flavouring. Along with the King Prawns we ordered a side of Dahee kebab, which were basically deep fried crispy dumplings stuffed with yogurt and cheese, giving it a distinct tarty taste. Even though this one was marked as a speciality on the menu, we wouldn’t really suggest it, unless you really love yogurt!

Restaurant Review: Zafran

Following the appetizers, our extremely pleasant server recommended the Zafrani Chicken Biryani. Being rice lovers through and through, we were completely sold with the idea! The biryani was packed with flavour and stood out from many we’ve tried before as the spices didn’t overpower the dish. The lingering fragrance of saffron went on to add a whole lot of character to the pot of goodness.

To finish off, just like every Indian or Indian food lover, even if stuffed, the heart craves for sweet nothings. We went for the dessert platter, which served a selection of four famous Indian sweets, Ras Malai, Gajar Halwa, Gulab Jamun and Kulfi. Each of these were absolutely brilliant, however the richness did mean an extra hour at the gym the next day! All worth it!

Summing up the whole experience, Zafran is the apt place to be while looking for an affordable, satisfying Indian meal with a twist and a great ambiance to go with. While you can, try out the amazing Iftar too, we promise they won’t disappoint! 

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