Restaurant Review: 'The Feast' At Zafran Indian Bistro

Restaurant Review: 'The Feast' At Zafran Indian Bistro

A celebration of kebabs to remember!
Restaurant Review: 'The Feast' At Zafran Indian Bistro

No North-Indian meal is ever fully complete without an array of kebabs to feast on. As the name suggests, the kebab festival at Zafran was indeed a feast with everything to devour to your hearts content.

The spectacular selection of grill included three basic options, vegetarian platter, non-vegetarian and one with both, meat and tandoor seafood! Kebabs are generally one of the most difficult dishes to perfect, as you not only have to get the meat or veggies to be fresh, but you also need to strike the right balance of spices- having a passion for cooking myself, I would know. Kebabs on the menu at Indian bistros, are not new and nor are bucket loads of desi restaurants to choose from.

However, considering this is my second time at the Indian bistro, Zafran, they’ve managed to truly please my taste buds, again! Steering away from classics like the butter chicken et al., this time I sampled their kebab platters and boy were they scrumptious.

My meal on the whole consisted of a mix of meat, seafood and vegetables! All served with a creamy bowl of dal makhani and fluffy tandoori rotis to go with. While the meat selection consisted of lamb and chicken, the seafood consisted of the fish, calamari and shrimp. Shrimp se yaad aaya.. Zafran is hands down the best place to devour these crustaceans, marinated to perfection.

The vegetarian platter consisted of the regulars like, paneer, mushrooms, corn and potato. Even though these are often seen on all vegetarian menus, the marination is what made all the difference. All the kebabs on the platter were charred to perfection on the outside and soft and velvety on the inside, making every bite absolutely lip-smacking.

Definitely worth a mention were the yummy mocktails (Kashmiri Dew), that helped wash down the rich Indian flavours.

Located in a corner of the Mirdif City Centre, both my visits to Zafran, have made me re-analyse the wonders of the Indian cuisine. Packed with the right amount of flavour and cooked the perfect way, North-Indian food can be one of the most enjoyable culinary experiences of your life!

Price: The chicken Feast platter is served for Dhs 139, while the vegetarian one will set you back Dhs 119

Note: The kebab Feast will only be available till 15th September, so hurry!

Info: Zafran Indian Bistro, Mirdif City Centre, 04 2840987

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