Restaurant Review: Quattro

The new veggie paradise on the block
Restaurant Review: Quattro

The fairly new addition Quattro serving the grassier side of Dubai is situated in the overcrowded Mankhool area that already has well established names. It takes something unique to stand out amidst some well-established names in the business and I was curious to see how Quattro matched up. The cuisine read Italian and Mexican fusion, a rather strange combo, with some molecular gastronomy (yes, the trend has still not ended!) thrown in for good measure. What’s more, it was a vegetarian restaurant! I didn’t know what to expect but suffice to say that each time a new dish was served, the skepticism gave way to surprise. On a not so chilly afternoon, the Kiwi Margarita and Mango Ice Tea was an apt beginner. It had an instant zing that refreshed every cell that was fuming in the Dubai heat.

Starting with, the minestrone tea set was a regular minestrone soup with green tea, studded with pasta and surprises of veggies. Soup is always a good warm up for the rest of feast, isn’t it? The Taquitos was a gluten free tortilla fried to perfection and bulked in with a spicy mixture of tomato concasse, beans and a soupcon of avocado ice cream. This was great only due to the burst of flavours  – the velvety beans and the cold scoop of avocado giving it an edgy kick. The clichéd crostinis were a spherification of green olives and mushrooms that overpowered the baguette slice. What topped of my experience was the silky pink sauce risotto drenched in the greens. Frosted coconut ice drops layered on mini tea cupped sized vanilla Mexican cakes called the Tres Leches is what ended my grand feast. The air whipped cream and a hint of sugar was ideal for anyone who does not like to indulge in a runny glistened chocolate truffle. However, if you are a chocolate fan, the Chocochunk Fudge Brownie was sinful treat. The heavenly moist, crunchy on the outside and rich deep cocoa flavour just earned 'brownie' points for Quattro! 

Quattro is your one-way ticket to a world of new flavours and very herbivore-friendly. Try it.