Restaurant Review: Marcos

Your Italian getaway!
Restaurant Review: Marcos

Put together words like comfort food and Italy and it will encapsulate this dinner perfectly well.  Wafi’s new addition breaths sophistication. As I was escorted to my seating area I could sense the European influence in the décor - whitewashed-brick, dark interiors and dangling pendant globe lights. The home-grown pots of vegetables charmingly laid out only added to the Italian flavour. When the menu rolled out, I knew this one is not for the calorie counter.

Within a matter of 15 minutes, I had wolfed down the nibble plate of Marco Zuchini. This was essentially a crisp skinned courgette that was fried to perfection and sprinkled with salt (hopefully just the way #SaltBae artistically executes it!). Next was the Pappa Al Pomodoro, this deeply satisfying traditional soup was like Italy on my plate. Crafted with the sweet-sharp note of tomatoes whipped up with bread,  I just couldn’t stop asking for more. On the other hand, the Gnocchi was a disappointment. With the helping of gorgonzola cheese, the soft dough dumplings could have done much more to my palate. The Cannelloni was a miraculous intertwining of flavours and textures. The garlicky spinach spooned in cylindrical tubes was luscious without overpowering the creamy ricotta.

Finally, the slow-cooked Minestrone Di Verdure came highly recommended too. Of course, few health-conscious would have another dessert with more cheese, but since no meal is complete without a hint of sugar, I decided to indulge just a little more, opting for the traditional but tasty Tiramisu. Marcos may not boast of different or experimental take on Italian cuisine but what they have on the menu is sure to please your palate.