Restaurant Review: Leila
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Restaurant Review: Leila

Fresh Lebanese food made with love. Need you ask for more?

The first thing that impressed me and my companion as soon as we entered this restaurant at Arabian Ranches was the hospitality of the staff. The servers were great. Very attentive, and they never once made us feel like an afterthought. They offered recommendations that made choosing from their diverse menu a lot easier.

We began by ordering the traditional Hommos, Muttabel and Warak Enab - vine leaves stuffed with rice. Fresh and flavourful, each of the dishes was gentle on the palate and set the tone for things to arrive. Next we decided to sample the Leila Healthy Fattoush – a traditional Lebanese salad, which was accompanied with crisp toasted bread, sumac and apple vinegar sauce.

The Jebneh baladeih bel tameh, a delightful mix of Lebanese homemade cheese served with chopped tomatoes, olive oil and peppermint on traditional bread was really delicious.

If you are one who prefers keeping it light and yet wants to indulge, Leila offers ‘Light Chicken’ –   a dish that is very low in fat content and yet leaves you feeling content with its sliced chicken mustard, served with grilled potatoes, grilled eggplants and onions.

For grills, we ordered the mixed grill platter with kafta meat, beef and chicken brochettes, which were perfectly chargrilled with the right blend of spices. The Grilled Cheese Rolls were crunchy and oozed copious amounts of cheese with every bite.

What we loved the most and couldn’t stop drooling over was the Pesto Ras Asfour. A Leila speciality, which is small cuts of meat marinated for hours and then cooked with basil sauce, pine nuts and French fries.

Finishing it off we gave in to our sweet tooth cravings and indulged in Ghazal Beirut – mastic ice cream topped with Lebanese cotton candy and pistachios.

Leila is great fresh Lebanese food made with love. Whether you are dining in, or ordering your meal, it exudes the feeling of a restaurant whose passion is written boldly in everything they do.

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