Restaurant Review: Kris Kros
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Restaurant Review: Kris Kros

Is this restaurant located at the heart of Downtown worth a visit? Find out here…

When you receive an invite to enjoy a meal at a restaurant in Downtown, all that comes to mind is breath-taking views of a boast-worthy skyline contradicted with the thought of unescapable traffic. But, throw in the mention of Lebanese food in there (one among their many options of mouth-watering cuisines), and it’s enough to bring a faint smile onto your face, and that’s exactly what happened with us. The cultural fusion reataurant, had so much to offer from around the world, but being a Lebanese cuisine junkie, a plate of hummus, a stack of warm pita bread and some freshly tossed fattoush, was all we needed to get us through the day.
Kris Kros, like many other multi-cuisined restaurants out there, left us with not much to complain about. Before the menu got to the table, we already knew what we was ordering, but gave it a read anyway. We was pleasantly surprised to spot different food from around the world like Mexican burritos, Pizzas and your traditional American BBQ wings and nacho fare. But being faithful to the cuisine we love the most, we decided to follow our instinct and #ForeverCraving and ordered a hummus, fattoush, falafel and some sweet potato fries to begin with. Yes, that’s a whole lot I know! While the hummus was creamy and moist, we were a little taken aback with the restaurant for not serving it with warm pita. They brought to us a dense ciabatta instead, which honestly, is hardly something that can be eaten with hummus. We then opted for the regular khubus, and continued devouring all those Lebanese classics. While the fattoush was delectable and perfectly doused in just the right amount of pomegranate molasses, what took the crown however, was the crisped-to-perfection falafel! Crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside, this one had got to be the best we’ve ever tried. To satisfy our inner soul, we also ordered a portion of sweet potato fries that were hands down AMAZING. Who would imagine we’d conquer our quest to find the best potato frites at Kris Kros. One would only imagine, how we finished every trace of everything ordered on our tables and had absolutely no space for a morsel more, but never-the-less, who can ever say no to giving the main course a try.

For our main, we went with the chicken mushroom madness, which was a tender piece of chicken over a bed of mushroom sauce, topped with portabella mushrooms, served with a side of grilled veggies. #EnoughSaid right? 

Our overall experience at Kris Kros was pleasant, as we expected it to be. While the appetizers stole the show, the rest of the meal couldn’t be complained about too. However, go there ONLY for the food. The only view you’ll get to enjoy is the entrance of the Dubai Mall (fashion avenue to be precise), and a massive footbridge over your head!

INFO: Boulevard Plaza Tower II - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown

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