Restaurant Review: Jamaica Blue
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Restaurant Review: Jamaica Blue

Besides some piping hot coffee, Jamaica Blue offers some sumptuous options as part of its all-day breakfast

Who was it who said, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.’ With the influx of a number of chains offering all-day breakfasts in the city, you may soon find your breakfast, lunch and dinner all to be 'kingsize'. Trust us, it is a boon, given that the menu is expansive and there is a casual vibe that makes these restaurants perfect haunts for endless conversations over sips of piping hot coffee and some delectable meals. Plus who minds being spoilt for choice when it comes to food.

One fine evening, following a heady conversation on music, my partner and I found ourselves at the Jamaica Blue café in Al Barsha. My partner ordered the Blue Mountain mocha while I settle for the Pink Lemonade. Creamy and rich in flavours, my partner took to the coffee instantly, declaring it as “the best I have had in the city”. On the other hand, the Pink Lemonade, a mix of the standard lemonade with raspberries, did make for a refreshing drink. The signs were encouraging for I believe a good beverage often sets the tone for a good dining experience.

Restaurant Review: Jamaica Blue

For our meal, my partner ordered a helping of scrambled eggs while I opted for a hearty Jamaica Blue Big Breakfast. My meal came with eggs benedict (you can choose your own preparation too), beef bacon, chicken sausage, roasted tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and toast. The portions are not overwhelming, and just enough to fill you up for any main meal of the day. The eggs benedict here are unlike any that I have tried before. Their suppleness is duly complemented by the crunchiness of the toast. The best part of the meats served alongside the meal are that the flavours are not sacrificed at the altar of taste. If you love your beef, you will enjoy the bacon, coupled with the eggs benedict. On the other hand, the succulent chicken sausages are just ideal for taste buds that thrive on minimal spices. The flavours of each dish in the meal are not only wonderfully balanced, they complement each other perfectly too.

The best part of the Jamaica Blue menu is that it is so varied that you may find yourself facing the problem of plenty. So if, unlike me, you do not looooove eggs, go for the beef and beetroot relish burger that comes highly recommended or try the beef and caramelised onion pastry rolls. With their quick service and a relaxed ambience, you are sure to be in for a joyful experience.


The all-day breakfasts at the 24x7 outlets of Jamaica Blue are available at Flora, Al Barsha, and Hyatt Place, Al Rigga

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