Restaurant Review: Golden Dragon Restaurant
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Restaurant Review: Golden Dragon Restaurant

The Pan-Asian restaurant has come out with a revamped menu

Golden Dragon Restaurant in Oud Mehta is one of the eateries in the city that has been around for more than a decade. The restaurant’s menu was recently revamped, moving toward more Pan-Asian flavours to appeal to wider set of customers. This is what you can expect from the new menu.

Not surprisingly, the menu kicked off with soups. We tried the Tom Yam and Tom Kha, both traditional Thai soups. The former hit the right note with spices but the latter had an overwhelming coconut flavour that was off-putting. The starters included Coco Prawns and Cornball Fritters. The Coco Prawns got right what the Tom Kha soup didn’t: subtle coconut flavours and a crunchy texture made the dish stand out. The Corn Ball Fritters paired with a sweet chilli sauce was a winner too.

We moved onto Dim sums, the highlight of the menu. We were presented with a selection of chicken, seafood and vegetarian dim sums, both spicy and mild. While the spicy chicken and vegetarian dumplings were delicious, the seafood dumplings were too soggy and bland to make any impression.

Post the pleasant starters, the main course was where the menu stumbled. Perhaps the selection of the dishes was wrong, but frankly, none truly satisfied the palate. The Kung Pao Prawns had a too-strong soy taste that stopped me from taking another piece, while the Thai Green Curry lacked lasting flavour. Let’s just say we have had far, far better in the city.  However, the Yang Zhou Fried Rice was a popular and flavoursome Chinese-restaurant staple with shrimps and chicken that we dug into happily.

For desserts, we skipped the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake (aren’t we tired of this one?) and instead went in for the Banana Spring Rolls with Ice Cream. Just the right amount of sweetness, and crunchy and creamy textures made for a sweet ending.

Overall, Golden Dragon’s new Pan-Asian menu appears to be a hit-and-miss case, but a pleasant ambience and friendly, prompt service win points in its favour if you are in the mood for some inexpensive Asian fare.

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