Restaurant Review: Fogo De Chao, A Steakhouse That Gets Everything Right

Restaurant Review: Fogo De Chao, A Steakhouse That Gets Everything Right

A great new addition to the dining scene in the city
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Restaurant Review: Fogo De Chao, A Steakhouse That Gets Everything Right
Main dining area

Sunanda Pushkar

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Finally a steakhouse that gets it all right – the cuts, flavor, service, ambiance and look. Yes, we know what you are thinking – yet another steakhouse in a city teeming with restaurants serving every possible cuisine from every corner of the world?  How can this one be different? But Fogo de Chao is a recent gem that has been a worthy addition to Dubai’s eclectic gastronomic scene. Located in the relatively new Central Park Towers (we honestly feel it deserved a better address but never mind!) in DIFC district, the sophisticated Fogo de Chao – the Middle East outpost of the legendary Brazilian steakhouse -  ticks almost all the boxes you need for a fabulous dining experience.

Firstly, it’s the space that impresses you. The chic dining area is massive with a lovely Market table of fresh salads, fruits, vegetables and a great array of cheese. Believe us, it’s just what you need to whet your appetite before the meat fest begins! Fogo de Chao also boasts of a bar and lounge area, separate to the main dining space and this deserves attention on its own. An amazing list of signature cocktails including the famed Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail, plush seating and a refined buzz make it an apt venue for an evening out with your pals. Want something more? Go to the opposite end and settle in the outdoor terrace that faces the Burj Khalifa. (Didn’t we say it ticks all the boxes?).

The Courtyard

To enjoy the essence of Fogo de Chao, we suggest you go for the full Churrasco experience where a wide range of cuts are served by Brazilian-trained Gaucho chefs. This is a steakhouse that stays true to its Brazilian roots in every possible way. Churrasco, the old traditional grilling technique where ingredients are cooked slowly, allowing them to exude their natural flavours, is at the core of the cuisine.

Like at a true churrascaria, the waiters move around the restaurant with the skewers, slicing meat onto your plate – meat, that to put it mildly, overwhelm you with their flavor and stun you with its perfection. But here is where Fogo is different from others. As soon as you are settled, you are given a coupon that is green on one side and red on the other. Place the coupon with the green side on top and the server will come to your table with fillet mignon or the picanha or any of the other varieties. If you want a break, just turn the coupon to let the red side face up and they get the signal. You thus can take your time, relishing each delicious, succulent bite of the all-you-can-eat menu! And if you ever feel confused, simply ask the very well-informed servers on the cuts and the taste – they help you make just the right choice.  At times, it does feel like a meat overload but each one is so perfectly done, the taste lingers long after your meal is over, especially when its paired with the right grape (again, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations). With side dishes that included a smooth mashed potatoes and a surprisingly good fried banana, it all adds up to an unforgettable and authentic experience.

The meatboard 

What more? Dessert of course! We are glad to report that this important part of the meal hasn’t been ignored. And while you can go for the Brazlian flan – a sweet crème custard, what’s absolutely unmissable, are the mini churros with dulce de leche inside it. It’s simply marvelous with the perfect texture. You can’t think of a better way to end the meat-y meal than with these delish delights.
Be it for a formal dinner/lunch, a fun ladies night out or a romantic date on the terrace, infuse a bit of Brazil in your Dubai life; you are sure to be back for more. Like us.