Restaurant Review: Eve Penthouse & Lounge

A brand new, cool lounge has just opened up in the city. Here is why it should be on your list
Restaurant Review: Eve Penthouse & Lounge
The terrace at Eve

I admit. As a resident of ‘new Dubai’, I am not really a fan of the ‘other’ ‘old’ part of the city. Of course, it’s got its charm and it’s lovely to walk about the old alleyways and the creek and soak in the ambiance once in a while but when it comes to nightlife, buzz and the like, it’s always the Marinas, DIFCs and JLTs that score higher. Partly because of the distance and partly because of the ‘cool’ factor. So it would take a lot for a new destination to attract party-goers to this part of town. Or so I thought.

Thankfully, Eve Penthouse and Lounge has somewhat changed my false notions. It’s not about the area, it’s about the address (yeah, simple logic that somehow escaped me!). Perched on the 34th floor of the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creeks, this new hotspot ticks all the right boxes you are looking for in a lounge. First the views. A’wright, it may not have the glitter of Sheikh Zayed Road or the expanse of the sea views at Palm Jumeirah, but the 360 degree view of the city from a different angle adds the much-needed oomph to the Dubai Creekside scene.

We were told, the entire concept has been the brainchild of its owner, called… well, ‘Eve’. The mysterious Eve happens to be a jetsetter who loves the good life and seems to be quite a collector; and her boudoir has her stamp all over. The décor and look – with plants, brightly painted walls, curios on the wall, high tables, an indoor space with pool table and a comfy lounge sofas among everything else – is kitschy yet fun. It has a large outdoor section and an equally expansive space indoors. Informal yet stylish.

Of course, we sat outside with the wind blowing in our hair, enjoying the weather and sights around. The vibe and the music immediately put us at ease as we realise this is a place where you don’t necessarily have to mind your Ps and Qs, you can be yourself. 

Over to the menu. It had a wide selection of drinks but the food is rather limited. It’s largely Asian inspired with Maki rolls, edamame, tempura et al, a hint of Peruvian in the form of ceviches and more than a hint of Arabic, with grills, and last but not the least, a sprinkling of Mexican (tacos, guacamole etc). But it’s more of an international mix than authentic fare which works just fine for a place like this.  Not every bite is delicious (the paneer falafel sliders was a strange mix and shouldn’t have been there on the menu) but there is something for everyone so you won’t be out of choice. The drinks are heavenly and while I stuck to bubbly, there are the classics and the classics with a twist for both, cocktail lovers and teetotalers.

Good food, a nice easygoing vibe and a night that seemed young and vibrant… Eve is something we would definitely recommend on a weekday and a weekend. Go ahead, it’s worth the drive. There are ladies nights, brunches, live music and the works, so pick a day and make it a date! And for those who are already in that part of town, you just got luckier than before!

INFO: 34th floor, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights.