Restaurant Review: Eggspectation, The Beach, JBR

Restaurant Review: Eggspectation, The Beach, JBR

Eggspect the uneggspected at this new restaurant!
Restaurant Review: Eggspectation, The Beach, JBR
Eggspectation, The Beach, JBR

It's hard to avoid the egg puns at Eggspectation, the Canadian restaurant chain that's now got a new outpost in Dubai. Take your pick from eggsperience (the T-shirt the staff wear has a line with this), eggspectations, eggstraordinary and eggsecutive (on the menu). When you get your mind off the wordplay and focus on the food, it's egg-centric (that's one of our own, we couldn't resist – last one, promise!) but pretty creative. Where else would you find nine different kinds of eggs Benedict (including a Russian Rhapsody with Romanoff sauce)? Plus, the eggs are Omega 3 enriched, so that's a big thumbs up on the ingredients quality front.   

If you're a breakfast person 24/7 (we are), you'll really appreciate the menu. We had to start with an omelette and the Southwest Sunrise (Dhs64) totally hit the spot for us. It's a fluffy creation packed with a trio of cheeses (cheddar, Swiss and Gruyère), sauteed peppers, sour cream, special salsa and the most amazing Lyonnaise-style potatoes. Oh, and there are strips of freshly sliced avocado in there to give it a nice, clean pep. #Delicious.

They also do low-fat versions of the omelettes, think one yolk with three whites for all you health conscious folks.

Providing moments of cool as we polished off the omelette was a Honey Blue from Eggspectation's juice bar. A blend of blueberry, banana, honey and yogurt, this is a super-refreshing drink that's packed with antioxidants to boot.    

Though we briefly considered going in for a touch of the uneggspected (that's traditional steak and eggs on the menu!), ultimately our pick for mains was good old Mac and Cheese (Dhs42). It was, as expected, nicely done – penne pasta tossed in creamy cheese sauce accompanied by crispy toasted garlic crostini.

Finally, we ordered some French Toast (Dhs48). It's an artisanal brioche they have and, served with Canadian maple syrup, it went down a treat.

Eggspectation was packed when we visited on a Saturday afternoon and foodies definitely won't need to be egged to keep going back to enjoy the fare. We know we'll be returning for more!  

INFO: Eggspectation, The Beach, JBR, Dubai, 04 430 7252,