Restaurant Review: Chival's New Social Lunch

Restaurant Review: Chival's New Social Lunch

A healthy power lunch on the go!
Restaurant Review: Chival's New Social Lunch

Chival Global Social introduced a new lunch menu which we thought was worth a try, especially since most afternoons are spent, scouting for interesting lunch venues!

Located at the La Ville Hotel & Suites- City Walk, the vibrant bright eat-out silently chants the word ‘eat healthy’ as soon as you enter. The ambiance is great, with lots of light shining through all the glass walls around, creating the perfect brunch setting. Having eaten at Chival in the past, the proposition of a new social aka express lunch sounded pleasing.

Once seated, we were offered a selection of their healthy beverage concoctions. The first one was the Avicenna, which was a mix of grapefruit juice, activated charcoal, ginger and lime, while the second drink was called the Beauty Elixir. The beauty tonic was a mix of pomegranate, lime, rose and rose quartz crystal water (an in house speciality made from the rose quartz rock). While both the drinks boasted of being healthy and great for the body, the taste left us a bit confused, and might I add, a little unsatisfied on a hot summer morning.

Next came the lunch, which we ordered from a card with choices of carbs, protein, veggies and sauce to choose from. From the options provided, the chicken with pasta, roasted garden vegetables, dressed with mushroom ragout, seemed like the best way to go. We however, were a little taken aback to know that they didn’t stock whole wheat pasta, considering Chival’s ‘eat right’ policy. Our verdict on the lunch bowls could be summarised in a single line- healthy but incomplete. The mushroom ragout could have made all the difference, but the sauce lacked flavour, making the whole bowl seem like something was missing.

Along with our power lunch bowl, we chose to go with the beets and lentils salad. In comparison to the pasta, the salad was simply spectacular. Light, fresh and pleasant- going perfectly with the ambiance of the restaurant! For a dessert, we chose to go with the coffee crème brulé, which was truly the best part of our meal and a must-try!

All in all, Chival is a nice place to unwind in the middle of a busy working day. With a little alteration to their menu, it could soon become a great weekday lunch option for people working in the Business Bay/ City Aalk area, in Dubai. 

INFO:  Dhs 45 for a tailored dish of your choice, and add a dessert for an extra Dhs 15, the social lunch is from Sun-Thurs from 12-3 pm. Chival Global Social, La Ville Hotel & Suites, City Walk.