Restaurant Review: Caramel Restaurant and Lounge, Abu Dhabi
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Restaurant Review: Caramel Restaurant and Lounge, Abu Dhabi

Perfect ambience and delicious food. Need you ask for more?

Imagine a sumptuous brunch with a loved one. Imagine teasing your taste buds with a gastronomical delight without being disturbed. Imagine a perfect setting...

At Caramel Restaurant and Lounge, you can actually experience it. Like my companion and I did.

The signs of the start of a good afternoon began with the warm welcome accorded to us at the reception as we were guided to our seats. Between a choice of an outdoor seating and a nice quiet indoor seating, we chose the latter as the temperature has just started climbing up a notch.

We settled in to our seats amidst the warm hues of brown and slow music wafting from the speakers overhead. The ambience — both inside as well as outside — is charming, and we had a great time chatting, eating and drinking in this beautiful and cosy setting. The atmosphere imbues a vibe just perfect for spending quality time with people you love to hang around with.

After a nice long drive from Dubai, all we wanted to do was unwind and could not wait to order. Imtiaaz, our server, was polite and took the time to explain the brunch in detail and suggested a glass of white wine to complement the cold appetizers - sushi selection, an assortment of tuna, salmon, vegetarian sushi rolls, crab taco and tuna carpaccio. The Crab Tacos were delicious and were perfectly matched with the crab meat with lime and cilantro.

The hot appetizers were next and included Grilled Wagyu Beef Kebabs, Mushroom and Spinach Arancini Balls and Chicken Bites.

The beef kebabs were perfectly charred and moist with bold flavours of spices. The Chicken Bites were succulent and full of flavour. On the other hand, the Mushroom and Spinach Balls having subtle flavours, tasted bland.

The main course was next on the agenda. I opted for the grilled salmon fingers with lemon wedge while my partner settled for the Grilled Wagyu Beef Strips.

The salmon was spot on (on second thoughts, can anyone go wrong with salmon?) with perfectly harmonious spices, and it tasted perfect. The Grilled Wagyu Beef was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

After such a sumptuous meal there was just enough room for some dessert. The Coffee Brûlée which comprised fresh créme, coffee bean and caramelized bananas was just what I needed to end my meal. My partner opted for the Raspberry Cheesecake, which was scrumptious.

It was a perfect Saturday afternoon and a great end to my weekend.


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