Restaurant Review: Bukhara
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Restaurant Review: Bukhara

Take a trip down to Ajman to sample some authentic North Indian fare

Hailing from the famous ITC Hotel in Delhi, Bukhara located in the Kempinski Hotel Ajman stays true to its legacy. On entering we were greeted to a traditional Indian setting and were ready to begin our gastronomic journey. We were impressed by their cute aprons and wooden menus that made the experience unique. I started the meal by sampling the Murgh Malai Kabab that was creamy and just melted in my mouth. The kabab had a tasty blend of chicken and cream cheese and was perfectly grilled in the tandoor. My friend opted for the vegetarian delight Paneer Tikka that had fresh cottage cheese that was marinated in tangy spices and was slow cooked in an earthen oven, which made the kabab retain all its delicious flavours. For the mains we opted to try Bukhara’s signature dish - the Tandoori Lobster. It was a 2 pound lobster that was marinated with garlic, pepper corns and tasty tandoori masala and was cooked in a traditional clay pot oven. This was a true delight for a sea food lover like me and the dish was a feast for our taste buds. We devoured the lobster with some Khamiri Roti, which was made with flax seeds and when our attendant told us it was the healthier version of the roti, we instantly agreed to try it. We also sampled their world famous speciality Dal Bukhara that had black lentils cooked with ginger, garlic, tomatoes and dollops of butter. We understood why this dish is so famous right after first bite as the aromatic dal was rich and extremely decadent. Best things as they say are saved for the last and on the chef’s recommendation we tried the Gulab Jamun that were stuffed with pistachios and gave us a sugar rush and also sampled the Kesari Phirni, a light milk based dessert. Head out with your family for Iftar this weekend to one of the finest restaurants in Ajman and you will not be disappointed with delectable fare.

We ordered


Murg Malai Kabab


Paneer tikka



Tandoori Lobster


Dal Bhukhara


Khamiri Roti



Kesari Phirni


Gulab Jamun


Total: Dhs654

INFO: Kempinski Hotel, Ajman, Lunch, 1pm to 3pm, Dinner 6pm to 11pm, +971 6 714 5582

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