Restaurant Review: Bouchon Bakery by Chef Thomas Keller

Restaurant Review: Bouchon Bakery by Chef Thomas Keller

Is the French boulangerie worth the visit? Find out!
Restaurant Review: Bouchon Bakery by Chef Thomas Keller

I spent a sunny crisp-aired Wednesday afternoon, lunching at the newly opened Bouchon Bakery by world-renowned seven Michelin starred chef, Thomas Keller. Situated at JBR, a stone throw away from the lovely beach, the café sits at a perfect location, amidst all the organised crowd in the area.

Having heard so much about this quaint eat out, and having tasted their delicious macaroons previously, I was excited to say the least. Who doesn’t love an afternoon quiche, with a delectable sweet n sour tart to go with? And, to add to the eagerness, as we neared closer to the entrance an inviting whiff of baked goodness hurried us inside. 

Starting off, we went for the Curried Chicken Soup. The soup came with a side of perfectly crisped bread and salty butter to spread through. While the soup didn’t manage to stand out, the bread was the star of the appetizer! Beautifully crisped on the outside and moist and pleasing on the inside. Post the appetizers we chose to go with the quiche and a salad for our mains. In a bid to try both their options, we ordered the Quiche Florentine and the Quiche Forestière. We preferred the second entree as compared to the first, which had on overwhelming egg-y taste to it. The Forestière however, was a delight, all thanks to the roasted cremini mushrooms balanced in taste and texture by generous hints of gruyère cheese. Our choice of salad was the Roasted Beetroot Salad, which was slightly disappointing- especially since it boasted to be a best seller. Chunky slices of beetroot and arugula were paired with carpels of orange, with an overpowering sprinkle of goat cheese. The salad promised a red grape vinaigrette dressing, but the flavour of it was as scarce as could be.

In an attempt to put an end to our bitter-sweet (more sweet, less bitter of course) experience, we decided to move on to the much-spoken about desserts and, simply put, we didn’t regret our decision to indulge. We went for the classic, Bouchons- which were rich brownies, with lavish morsels of semi-sweet chocolate within. The description itself has my mouth watering, and that honestly says enough.

True to its type, Bouchon is less a lunch/dinner eat out and more a café stopover while you’re enjoying your day at JBR. Pop in for their delicious scones and croissants, as you enjoy their wide offering of tea and coffee, and trust it to leave a sweet pleasant impact on the rest of your day!

INFO: Bouchon Bakery, JBR the Walk, 04 419 0772