Restaurant Review: Billionaire Mansion & Sumosan Dubai

A treat for the senses in more ways than one!
Restaurant Review: Billionaire Mansion & Sumosan Dubai

Swanky.  Glamorous. Seductive. Just four adjectives that can be used to describe the electric vibe at Billionaire Mansion. Now, this is a venue where, frankly, the fun begins at around midnight.

The brainchild of FI boss and Italian entrepreneur Flavio Briatore is quite a hotspot for the city’s swish set and it’s easy to see why. Oozing glamour from every corner, Billionaire Mansion lives up to its name of a sleek, sexy club and restaurant. Spread across the first floor of the Taj Hotel, the expansive space houses the famous Japanese-led Sumosan restaurant, an Italian grill and a nightclub so the experience of a dinner or a party is jaw-dropping, to say the least. Actually, that doesn’t quite describe it. Let's just say, an evening out at this scintillating Dubai outpost of the club that has made waves in London, Monte Carlo and Moscow, will transport you straight to the party capitals of the world. And don’t be surprised if you see a celeb or two, letting their hair down! Or rather, feel like a celeb yourself and bask in the wonderful surprises the venue has in store. 

Get ready then for a complete experience – a delicious dinner with a skilfully curated menu by chef Reif Othman and dazzling performances. By which we mean, incredible trapeze artists, magicians, theatrical dancers and the like. There’s one act every half an hour and what’s more, none of it are repeats. Which is the best one? Too hard to select!

So let’s focus on the food. The menu has Japanese delicacies as well as Italian fare and again, it’s very difficult to choose one. Our dinner began with an absolutely delightful Mediterranean salad  comprising rocket leaves, baby mozzarella and cherry leaves drizzled with lemon oil sauce, the freshness of which left us craving for more. But the wait for the next course was worth it.

The salmon sashimi with lemon ponzu that came next was outstanding, one of the best I had had. And that’s no exaggeration. The mix of flavours satisfied every taste bud! The same could be said of the shrimp tempura with mayo chilli sauce – you may have had it a hundred times at various restaurants but under chef Othman’s expert eye, every flavour stands out. And oh, before we forget to mention, the dinner was interspersed with the afore-mentioned shows and also a magician coming up to our table with his bag of tricks!

The standout dish though, was the homemade ravioli with butter sage sauce. Some dishes are beyond description and this was one of them. Perhaps it was the perfect combination of flavours but the ricotta cheese and spinach filled ravioli, offer the light, delicate and supremely refined touch to an already exotic meal. One really couldn’t ask for more, could you? The dancers’ moves, stunning costumes, the glitzy vibe and the theatrics make for an incredibly memorable experience. A treat for the senses, in more ways than one!