Remembering Qandeel Baloch, Three Years On

Remembering Qandeel Baloch, Three Years On

It’s been 3 years since the murder of social media sensation Qandeel Baloch. Many decided to posthumously honour the starlet who always stood up for what she believed in

On July 15, 2016, popular internet sensation, Qandeel Baloch was killed at the hands of her brother and left a void in the nation’s heart; which will perhaps never be fulfilled. Yesterday marked her third death anniversary and the void is still felt by everyone, up until this day. She is now often honoured posthumously and remembered for her attempts to shatter chauvinisms and achieve sexual liberty in the bravest way. The country, and in turn the rest of the world was left in shock and Qandeel’s death exposed the hypocrisies and double standards of our misogynistic society. There were those who loved her and many that hated her but everyone watched her closely.

Qandeel Baloch’s murder revealed just how terrified the patriarchy is of women who take charge of their sexuality. It brought to light the loopholes which are present in honour killing laws and a patriarchal system that plagues our society. Qandeel Baloch’s murder was possibly the biggest eye opener for Pakistani women who have struggled for years at the hands of patriarchy and her death was too close to home. Qandeel Baloch rose to fame with her controversial videos and statements which she would make and share on all her social media platforms. Her steamy videos were often too raunchy for the society in which she lived; yet her followers had no qualms in watching her videos for temporary entertainment.

The social media sensation often made statements pertaining to Prime Minister Imran Khan, cricketer Shahid Afridi and

Maulana Qavi which was all deemed too controversial. She once offered her viewers to strip in celebration of a sporting win and her revealing attire was considered vulgar and her question “how am looking?” truly became something which resonated only with her.

On her third death anniversary, many people took to social media platforms to honour the starlet and shared heartfelt messages for her. While some blamed the patriarchy for her death, others were not so kind and continued to blame her, even after her death. Pakistani actor Armeena Khan took to social media to share a note for Qandeel Baloch. Taking to Twitter, she penned a note which said, “Dear Qandeel, I am sorry I could not protect you and that your light was extinguished prematurely. You helped many of us find our voices in the face of oppression. Your story will live in on forever and future generations will know you. Rest in power #RIP #QandeelBaloch.”

Pakistani lawyer and activist, Nighat Dad too took to Twitter and shared her two cents on the crippled judiciary system. “Today marks the 3rd year of Qandeel Baloch’s cold blooded murder at the hands of her brother. 3 years on, justice in Qandeel’s honour killing case remains due. Govt & judiciary could have set a good precedent but sadly broken justice system hardly works for poor. #QandeelBaloch,” she wrote in her tweet.

As the hashtag #QandeelBaloch started trending yesterday, there were some who were reading about Qandeel’s case for the very time. They too sympathized with her and had a few words to share. “Just read a tragic article about a young Pakistani woman called #QandeelBaloch in @guardian Regardless of her chosen way of life and the issue of the morality of it, she didn't deserve to die for it. Great sympathy to her parents; no parent should have to bury a child. #RIP,” the user wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile here’s what others had to say to pay tribute to Qandeel Baloch on her third death anniversary:

On that note, it is pertinent to mention that even though Qandeel Baloch was liberated, it unfortunately came with a price.Indeed what the world realty needs is more Qandeels to dismantle patriarchy and the flawed society in which we live. And in the words of Qandeel, “No matter how many times I will be pushed down under but I am fighter I will bounce back. Qandeel Baloch is ‘One Women Army’.” RIP Qandeel! 

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