Remember the Dharamendra Rekha Classic Song 'Rafta Rafta'? Salman Khan is Doing it Now!
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Remember the Dharamendra Rekha Classic Song 'Rafta Rafta'? Salman Khan is Doing it Now!

Salman To Join The Deols for the song that will be reprised in a film

Salman Khan will make  a very special appearance in  Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Dharmendra’s family film Yamla Pagla  Deewana 3.  Reveals  Dharmendra, “All three  of us  Sunny, Bobby and I are doing a  new version of my old  1973 hit Rafta rafta dekho aankh meri ladi hai.” The song composed  by Kalyanji-Anandji for the  film Kahani Kismat Ki  was  a big hit . It had a guest appearance by Rekha famously  interjecting, ,Maine aisa toh nahin kaha tha. Laughs Dharamji fondly, “Yes, the song was one of the  biggest successes of my career. It was in a film produced and directed  by my dear friend and mentor Arjun Hingorani who passed away recently. So  our song is also a tribute to him”

Joining the three Deols in their homage in the song Rafta rafta is  Salman Khan. Says Dharamji, “Yes,Salman is also going to be part  of  the song . He is  a part of our family. And  he loves  that song of mine. So he wanted to join in.”
Check out the original number, it’s fun, catchy and very addictive.

Salman Khan has been close to the Deol family. In an interview to Masala, Bobby Deol had said, “Dad and Salim uncle (Salman’s father, one half of writer duo Salim-Javed) have known each other since a long time. There’s no doubt that the combination of Salim-Javed was one of the best we ever had. They deserved everything they did and dad worked with them closely. That’s the work relationship. But there’s also the personal side. I think Salman has always looked up to my father and he has received from him the same love and care as Sunny bhaiyya or I did from him. Dharamji is very fond of Salman. Salman has always had great feeling towards my family. I guess, somewhere he felt that I needed to focus more on my life and career and somehow, when I started focussing, he noticed it and asked me to do this film.”

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