Rejoice! The TV Show Pehredaar Piya Ki Is Finally Taken Off Air

Rejoice! The TV Show Pehredaar Piya Ki Is Finally Taken Off Air

The cast and crew of the show are shocked with the decision!
Rejoice! The TV Show Pehredaar Piya Ki Is Finally Taken Off Air

After months of debate and controversy, Sony Entertainment Television's Pehredaar Piya Ki, has finally been taken off air! After the petition that was signed by many caught momentum and reached the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Smriti Irani decided to take action. 

The show that was revolved around a 10 year old minor marrying a woman twice his age, aired its last show on Friday, going on to become the first ever Indian TV show to go off air! Commenting on the pull down, the channel said, “Effective 28th August 2017, we are pulling off our programme, Pehredaar Piya Ki, from television. While we understand that the decision to end this serial will be disappointing to those whose creative energies are vested in it, namely, its crew and cast, we (as a channel) are convinced that we will be better served by focusing instead on developing viewer interest in our upcoming, new shows. We are grateful to all the artists, producers and fans of our shows and request you to graciously support the viewership of our newer ventures.”

Following the petition, the show was first taken off prime time and after further investigation, is now off the channel too. Speaking about the decision to discountinue the show, a source said to The Indian Express, “TV has never faced the brunt of censorship like this way. It is said that some of the royal families approached the I&B ministry saying that their culture has been mocked on the show. The team thus decided to pull the plug for it was causing too much unrest. It’s a sad incident for it questions the creative liberty of show makers.”

On being contacted about the news, actor Jiten Lalwani, who stars in the show, said to Hindustan Times, “Yes. If the episode hasn’t aired then you know the news is true.”

While the cast and crew of the show, have refrained from commenting on the matter, we can’t wait to know what they have to say.