Reema Khan’s Top Fashion Moments
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Reema Khan’s Top Fashion Moments

Reema Khan’s style moments are pretty glorious. Check out this blog listing the best looks of all.

Reema Khan is a star who is ageing quite gracefully. Here’s perspective. 90’s were characterized by a distinct era in the Pakistani film industry. Javed Fazil’s film Bulandi saw a newage couple that took the entire country by storm. This new couple was Shaan and Reema. It was a debut for both of them. Pakistani film industry saw some fresh faces that it hadn’t experienced for quite some time. The industry was ruled by veteran actors who were there for long.

This couple was young and charming. Soon they were the apple of every eye in Pakistan. The best part is that they continued to grow and traveled a long way.

Here we cannot stop appreciating Reema who worked hard not only on her craft but also on her personality. She is one of the most poised and well-groomed ladies of this industry. Reema, also known as Reema Khan, is a true charmer with her ageless beauty and spotless brains.

We cannot spot a difference in ten years. Can you?

A beauty with brains, for sure. She did not limit herself to acting in films but also ventured into new fields. From direction to hosting, Reema has explored it all.

However, coming back to her style sense it is safe to conclude that Reema has a very subtle and classic taste in clothing and makeup. We have always seen her play safe with her luscious long hair and soft makeup. She keeps her dressing The cuts are regal. The makeup is still the same. But what has changed is her newfound love for black color.

They say you can never go wrong with black but we are pretty sure that Reema can never go wrong with anything. Here are some of our picks from her recent Instagram feed.

Shahid Afridi Foundation’s fundraising dinner in Washington DC:

#HopeNotOut in Chicago:

At a Meet and Greet session with the audience in Chicago:

At the occasion of being awarded the Presidential Award of Recognition:

Here is our Gucci Girl.

Considering her fashion choices, we can safely conclude that you can go wrong neither with Reema nor with black. Being the ultimate trendsetter in Pakistan, we expect black to be the most sought out color this wedding season. For style inspirations, our diva is right here.  Being naturally stylish, Reema lets her personality ooze through the clothing on the surface. She has never been a fashion slave rather a trendsetter. Hence, she never limits herself to one particular designer.

It is about time to flash your best black clothes taking tips from Reema Khan’s style feed.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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