Recipe of the Week: Samosa Chaat

Recipe of the Week: Samosa Chaat

We snuck out this recipe from the kitchens of Antique Bazaar at Four Points By Sheraton, Bur Dubai, that is currently hosting a Chaat Bazaar



For Making Pastry Dough:

White flour        Grams         300

Oil refined             Ml        60

Water                   Ml        75-80

Ajwain                Grams          5

Salt                    To taste

Oil                For deep frying


For Making Potato Stuffing:

Potatoes           Grams               500

Green peas              Grams               100

Green chilli chopped Grams               5

Ginger paste            Grams               10

Cumin seeds             Grams              4

Red chili powder        Grams               4

Asafoetida powder       Grams               2

Oil refined                     Ml             5

Salt                             To taste

Garam Masala powder     Grams               4

Dry mango powder        Grams               5

Coriander powder        Grams               5

Fresh coriander chopped Grams               10


For Making Chaat:

Boiled chickpeas        Grams               250

Plain curd beaten       Grams               150

Tamarind Chutney        Grams               100

Green Chutney      Grams               100

Roasted Cumin Powder    Grams               5

Chaat Masala powder Grams               10

Onions Chopped     Grams               100

Tomatoes chopped        Grams               100

Chopped coriander       Grams               15

Sev bhujjia             Grams               50




For Making Samosa Pastry Dough:

  1. In a mixing bowl add flour with carom seeds and oil and mix it well for couple of minutes until the dough gets to breadcrumbs consistency.
  2. Add half amount of water and continue kneading the dough.
  3. Add the remaining water and knead the dough firm and tight. Cover with a damp muslin cloth and keep for rest for about 30 minutes.


For Preparing Stuffing:

  1. Boil potatoes and cool it down. Peel the skin and roughly chop them all.
  2. Boil green peas and cool it separately.
  3. Heat a pan and add oil. Once the oil is hot add cumin seeds and then add chopped green chilies and ginger paste. Sauté for a while.
  4. Reduce the flame and add all the spices together and roast them for couple of minutes.
  5. Add green peas first and stir cook for another minute and then add boiled potatoes and stir it well. Continue cooking for 5-10 minutes stirring the mixture time to time.
  6. Take off from fire and add chopped coriander and keep aside to cool for another 30-40 minutes.


For Preparing Of Samosa:

  1. Knead the dough once again and divide the dough in equal parts, weighing around 35-40 grams for each part.
  2. Roll each part flat like roti shape with the help of rolling pin to a thickness same of a roti. Cut the round shaped bread into half, straight from the center.
  3. Apply water to the edges of the rolled bread dough to keep them moistened. Joined the two ends of the rolled pastry dough and press firmly to all the sides to close the edges, forming a cone shape.
  4. Add the potato and peas stuffing pressing it down to cover maximum space. Again apple water to the remaining open edges and close them from all the sides.
  5. Prepare the remaining batches with the same procedure.
  6. In a wok heat oil to deep fry the samosas.
  7. Add samosa one by one to 3-4 pieces at a time. Cook over a medium fire until light brown colour from all the sides.
  8. Once done take out from the wok and put over the kitchen towel to drain off extra oil.


For Preparing Chaat:

  1. In a plate arrange two samosas each by gently smashing them.
  2. Add boiled chick peas and then pour over some amount of beaten curd, Tamarind and Green chutney.
  3. Sprinkle chopped onion, tomatoes and green coriander leaves.
  4. Sprinkle with chaat masala and roasted cumin powder and finally garnish with sev bhujjia
  5. Serve hot.
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