Recipe of the Day: Tawa Keema

Recipe of the Day: Tawa Keema

Most of the people have their own versions of making the mince-meat. Here is a quick and loved up recipe

I cannot really say if this recipe is a quick fix but I can surely claim that it is way quicker than most of the Pakistani recipes that require hours of hard work. I usually make Tawa Keema when I am in a mood of a relatively easier yet delightful meal. This is my mother’s recipe and I am not really sure where she got it from. I also remember trying a somewhat similar taste at a take away in Sargodha (Pakistan), a sweet shop which also sold Tawa Keema (strange connection, no?). Therefore in order to preserve this treasure, I decided to pen it down for you.

Before I mention the ingredients, please make sure you go for everything fresh and not resort to the frozen or processed items in order to ensure the richness of flavour and nutrition.

And yes, above of all, you need a tawa (the flattened griddle pan).


·       Beef mince ½ kg
·       Ginger garlic paste 2 tablespoons
·       Onion 1 medium
·       Tomato 2 medium
·       Green Chillies 4 medium
·       Salt as per taste
·       Red chilli powder ½ tea spoon
·       Turmeric powder ½ teaspoon
·       Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon
·       Dry coriander seeds 1 teaspoon
·       Garam masala powder 1 tea spoon
·       Ghee   as per your dietary consideration (for taste, the more the better)

Julian cut fresh ginger, finely chopped coriander leaves, and garam masala powder

·       Roast cumin seeds and dry coriander seeds on tawa and grind. Keep aside.
·       Like always, grind fresh garlic and ginger with some salt in mortar and pestle.
·       Heat ghee on the pan and saute the freshly made ginger garlic paste on it.
·       Now quickly add the fresh beef mince(make sure it is not frozen) and stir well.
·       Add all the dry spices except garam masala powder. Also, add the roasted cumin and coriander seeds mixture.
·       Now stir for as long as you can.
·       Soon the mince will start leaving the ghee and you will be able to smell the aroma.
·       Make sure you stir well to remove any rawness in the mince.
·       In a separate man, fry the finely sliced onions. Just turn golden and add to the cooked mince.
·       Add finely chopped tomatoes and green chillies to this mixture and cover the lid.
·       When the tomatoes have softened a bit, stir again.
·       Turn the heat off and generously spread the garnishing.

Serving tip: Tawa Keema tastes best with homemade roti or crisp parathas. With the sides of cumin raita, finely sliced onions, lemon, and green chillies you are good to go.

Although to each their own, but I would personally not recommend having Tawa Keema with rice. Homemade roti or paratha will enhance the flavour of it. Happy cooking and eating until there comes another recipe for you all.

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By Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed is a Bollywood and cheesecake fanatic with no obvious interest in space travel. She tweets @khwamkhwah day in and out