Reasons Why Pilates Is An Effective Cardio Workout And Should Be Tried By Every Women

Reasons Why Pilates Is An Effective Cardio Workout And Should Be Tried By Every Women

From increased flexibility to mental health, the benefits of Pilates are far-reaching, thus making it the favorite workout routine for gym-lovers.

Today Pilates is a well-known exercise and lifestyle across the globe and is a popular choice of exercise for hundreds of thousands of people.Anyone who has been doing pilates for couple of months knows that Pilates is not just a workout and Pilates not only sculpts your body but it also clears your mind and gives you energy and inner serenity. Hence the fitness enthusiasts are all up for pilates in their gyms classes. Let us see what is so special about pilates.

Benefits Of Pilates:

1. It’s A Perfect Abs- Workout:

Pilates hits your core (or, in Pilates speak, your "powerhouse"), unlike any other workout. Pilates works your core with every exercise, which means that even if you are working on your biceps, you still have to engage your core for stability. These are the muscles we rely on to support a strong, supple back, good posture, and efficient movement patterns. When the core is strong, the frame of the body is supported.

2. It Hones Your Focus:

Pilates is all about "the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit." E.g. the workout will not let your zone out. Pilates focuses on breathing – a deep, mindful pattern of breathing that instantly enhances feelings of calm and release in the body and mind.

3. It's Suitable on All Fitness Levels:

Pilates is a friend to all. Yup, it means Pilates caters for everyone, from beginner to advanced. You can perform exercises using your own body weight, or with the help of various pieces of equipment. Pilate’s workouts can be tailored to individual needs

4. Pilates Develops Flexibility:

In one Brazilian study, when young women (without any prior Pilates experience) performed 20 Pilates sessions, they became 19.1 percent more flexible. When you're tight, you shorten your muscle and limit your body's range of motion. At best, that can hurt your exercise performance. At worst, it can cause injury.

5. Improve Body Posture:

With Pilates workout, the alignment of the body is automatically corrected which make you get rid of a lot of ailments. Chronic lower Backache issue is sorted out. Pilates' slow and controlled movements put a minimal impact on your joints.

With so many benefits, Today, Pilates is a favorite routine with fitness enthusiasts and stars across the world. Our very own Bollywood is full of Pilates lovers. Even Hollywood celebrities like Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Sandra Bullock, and Chelsea Handler all swear by Pilates. All in all, Pilates can really make a difference in your health without taking a toll on your body.