Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Indian law minister, is trending on Twitter
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Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Indian law minister, is trending on Twitter

Sell: Ravi Shankar Parasad is being heavily mocked and criticized for his statement that high box office collection means good economy.

These days seem to be the busiest for the desi Twitterati as one trend after another is coming. If Pakistan is dealing with Usman the friendzoned guy, India cannot help making memes about the minister RaviShankar Parsad’s recent press conference. The minister quoted Komal Nahta in a press conference that on October 2nd, 2019 the country witnessed a business of Rs. 120 crores due to three films namely War, Joker, and Sye Raa Narsimha Reddy. According to the honourable minister, this was a sign of a flourishing economy as people came out of their homes to spend money on watching films.

People had hilarious and severe comebacks for this press conference

The statement did not sit well with many people who had their reservations about the economy. They found minisiter’s view of the economy by watching it through the lens of the films ridiculous. Needless to say, Twitter was on fire in no time. #RaviPrasadShankar started trending on Twitter and people had both hilarious and angry comebacks for the statement of the minister. Although the IMF had already spoken about the economic slowdown, Ravi Shankar Prasad slammed away any such news on the basis of the films’ box office collection.

The social media, like always, created a new world of memes and jokes around this statement

According to one user, Bollywood should release its famous films Sholay, Lagaan, and Gaddar again to reach the $ 5 trillion landmark.

Someone thought the whole situation was comic. A dark comedy, indeed!

This also called for combining the old memes like Mohsin Saqib’s, a Pakistani boy whose hilarious reaction after India Pakistan world cup match made him world-famous.

According to a Twitter user, this was akin to saying that the presence of the richest people in the country meant no one was poor.

Then someone had a suggestion of making all the lead actors in the industry, government officials if their films determined the condition of the economy.

This Twitter trend seemed even more entertaining than The Kapil Sharma Show to some people. If Bollywood contributed to the uprise of the economy, the flop films should contribute to its doom as well.

Desi Twitter is never coming slow

Desi Twitter has decided never to come slow. Since the countries have not seen the best of circumstances, people have learned to smile through tears. The same attitude also reflects on social media. Anything, that would probably cause heartburn and emotional riot in some parts of the world, is turned into a meme here. The ability to share a good laugh despite the adversities is an art that the desis have truly mastered over time.

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