Ranveer Singh's Most Entertaining Quotes on Life, Love and Acting
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Ranveer Singh's Most Entertaining Quotes on Life, Love and Acting

Ranveer Singh is definitely the most enigmatic and energetic character in Bollywood right now! But other than the actor's clear enthusiasm and energy, he is also a deep and insightful thinker. Here are ten of his best quotes that you can apply to your everyday life!

If there's one person in the industry who shaken up stereotypes surrounding sex, love and relationships for the current generation, it's unquestionably Ranveer Singh! Here are a few of his best quotes from real life…

1. I like to be present; I like to be in the now. The way life has shaped up, it is difficult, you know, with mobile phones taking you to another time and space all the time. So it's always a battle to stay in the moment. But according to me, it's a better way to be.

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2. When I was launched in 2010, people told me that I wasn't the best looking guy, so I would have to act really well. I am aware that I am not conventionally good looking. I have heard it so many times that I have started believing it.

3. Everyone has a mobile phone with a camera; every phone can record video. You have to be prepared to be captured. It's very easy to be misconstrued and presented in ways that you wouldn't prefer. If I take a selfie with bags under my eyes, it becomes a hashtag.

4. I would never recommend going on a crash diet. Drastically reducing your calorie intake can cause numerous problems, and your body will store fat because you have sent it into starvation mode. I eat every two hours to maintain my blood sugar levels.

5. I am fiercely loyal and over-possessive, but I am learning to control my being possessive. I have become quite mature, though not as much as I would like to be, but have still improved tremendously. I can't hide my feelings, and it takes a lot of effort to be closed about things I feel for.

6. I'm a very serious guy. I try to counter that predisposition of being a serious person with all this tomfoolery that I love to do so much. I really enjoy it; that's why I do it. I don't like the way I am... perhaps my natural default is to be that way, and I don't like that.

7. Let me put it this way: if I am the leading man of the film, and the film-maker is asking me to support him in a certain aspect so as not to burden the budget of the film, I will do whatever I can to support his vision.

8. I faced rejection on the basis of the way I looked. Not because of my ability. I was told that I was not very good looking or had the conventional hero looks. May be I was not very fair or tall enough. But I thought I was fairly good looking.

9. I always wanted to be an actor ever since I was a little kid. I knew that I had to do something related to performing arts and I enjoyed acting the most as it incorporated so many different art forms. I must say, I was a very filmy kid. I used to watch a lot of TV and get very influenced by Bollywood.

10. My mother has made a small prayer area in our home, and my older sister Ritika ties me a rakhi in that part of the home every year. She’s always particular about tying a rakhi that doesn’t bleed colour and looks good on my wrist, as I wear it till it comes off on its own.

Ranveer’s latest project, the film 83 tells the story of Kapil's captaincy in leading the Indian cricket team to defeat the West Indies in the World Cup final in the year of, 1983. Ranveer will play Kapil's role in the film. The film is directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Reliance Entertainment. Earlier on in the year, Ranveer Singh went to Dharamshala with the entire cast of 83 to train and study different aspects of the sport itself. The actor and his entire team were visited by many star cricketers during their stay in Dharamshala. Ranveer even got to train under Kapil Dev. 

Fans and followers are super excited for the release of the movie, even more so now that his wife, Deepika Padukone will also be acting in the movie. The actress will play the role of Kapil Dev's wife Romi Bhatia in the much anticipated film. In a recent interview, Deepika said: "I play the role of Romi Dev, wife of Kapil Dev in the movie and she was instrumental in Kapil Dev’s success, especially when he was the captain. She was part of the support system and I feel connected to that. I always feel that in an athlete’s life the wife and family sacrifice a lot of their own dreams to support the vision of the athlete, the goals that they set and they end up sacrificing their own career. I have seen it in my own family. My mother had been supportive to my father in his career. I think to see the human side, to see what an important role family play in success of athlete I took up this role."

In an earlier interview, when Ranveer was asked about his reaction on being offered the role of Kapil Dev, he candidly expressed, "I was born at the time when cricket was big time. When Kabir Sahab (director Kabir Khan) had come to me and said that there will be a film on 83, I was like finally. And when he was narrating it to me, I was like woooh. It is not a story just about cricket but a human story." 83 is scheduled to hit the screens on the 10th of April, 2020.

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