Ranveer Singh Shares a Photo From His Childhood With Sister Ritika Bhavnani in the Background
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Ranveer Singh Shares a Photo From His Childhood With Sister Ritika Bhavnani in the Background

Ranveer Singh is very close to his sister Ritika Bhavnani and calls her his best friend. Ranveer Singh often shares endearing images with her on his official Instagram

Ranveer Singh is loved all over the world for his genuine and candid persona. The “Gully Boy’ actor is considered to be one of the warmest celebrities who do not place themselves above the normal people and fans. Despite his huge star persona, Ranveer Singh never shies away from being who he is. He wears what he likes and always laughs his laugh out over little things that make him happy. Although Ranveer Singh has also been criticized for his fashion sense, he never takes the criticism to heart and does what pleases him best. He is comfortable in his skin and enjoys his craft and fashion.

Ranveer Singh’s sister Ritika Bhavnani is his best friend

Besides, his incredible acting skills Ranveer Singh is also a complete family guy. Other than wife Deepika Padukone whom he completely adores, Ranveer Singh is also attached to his sister Ritu Bhavnani. He often posts endearing images with or of his sister to express his love for his elder sister. Ranveer Singh has recently posted an image from his childhood where he can be seen giving a thumbs up to the camera. This shows that he loved posing in front of the camera since his childhood.

He captioned the photo as, ‘ all good in the hood'.

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all good in the hood

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In this picture, he seems to be hardly two years old sporting a red romper with a hood. He is not looking into the camera but towards some adult sitting across him. What is particularly interesting about the photo is a framed picture in the background. This is Ranveer’s sister Ritika Bhavnani wearing a white dress and standing amidst flowers. His sister Ritika lovingly called Ritu also commented lovingly on the post.

Ranveer Singh has also posted photos from his and his sister’s childhood together in the past. On Raksha Bandhan, he posted a happy picture with his sister where he is wearing a white waistcoat and kurta while his elder sister Ritika is wearing a colorful lehenga. ‘My Bestie, My Protector, My Angel  love you #happyrakshabandhan @riticulousness’.

On sister’s Ritika Bhavnani’s birthday, Ranveer Singh posted a picture from her childhood where she can be seen chilling on a beach bed with a music recorder by her side.
‘Pretty much sums it up  #happybirthday Didi I love you @riticulousness’

The influence of strong women in Ranveer Singh’s life

Ranveer Singh has always spoken about the influence of strong women in his life. According to him, his mother and elder sister played a major role in shaping up his character.

Even in his Raksha Bandhan post, Ranveer Singh did not claim to be a protector of his sister but in fact, called her his best friend and protector. He shares a close bond with his wife Deepika Padukone. After their marriage, he decided to move to her house instead of following the traditional path of the woman moving to a man’s house. According to Deepika Padukone, her validation means a lot to Ranveer Singh. She also says that apparently, happy-go-lucky Ranveer Singh is vulnerable and soft from the inside.

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