Ranveer Singh Gets Featured in An International Newspaper for Contribution Towards Rap
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Ranveer Singh Gets Featured in An International Newspaper for Contribution Towards Rap

Ranveer Singh is one of the finest actors in Bollywood right now and he was featured in an international newspaper for his contribution towards music

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh is sure to make head turns with his performances and his looks. He’s shown his mettle as an actor with films such as Padmaavat, Bajirao Mastani and many others. But this time around, a famous American newspaper, The New York Times has published a special feature on him, his film Gully Boy – which is being considered for an Oscar nomination – and his recently launched music label called IncInk. The publication recognized Ranveer contribution to highlighting the culture of underground rap through the film, and giving an opportunity to aspiring musicians with his label.

In the latest interview, Ranveer spoke about the first time he discovered rap and how it all began with Tupac in 1995. He shared that while he may have been 10 years of age at the time, he did identify the authenticity of Tupac’s lyrics. The actor said, “Although the themes were very mature for me at the time, I feel like I still, even at that age, could recognize that there was something very authentic in the expression.” But that’s not all the feature talked about. Shedding light on Ranveer’s film Gully Boy in which he starred next to Alia Bhatt under the direction of Zoya Akhtar, the piece mentioned that it helped change India’s attitude towards the culture of rap and hip-hop.

With his music label, Ranveer mentioned how he feels it is his way of giving back to the rap community in India. He concluded, “The one thing I love the most about the label is the fact that it’s no strings attached. It’s no pressure. It’s just creating freely. It’s unbound. The place that I find myself in today is far beyond my wildest imagination. I have this desire to give back, and this is my way of empowering a talent that I recognize, that I think is extremely special.”

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By Shaheera Anwar
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