Ranveer Singh Calls for Opening up of Art Borders Between India and Pakistan
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Ranveer Singh Calls for Opening up of Art Borders Between India and Pakistan

Ranveer Singh believes that art and politics should not be mixed as they belonged to different ‘realms’ and says he is cognisant that this is also a school of thought that exists

In the midst of growing violence between India and Pakistan following the Pulwama attack and subsequent Airstrikes, there have been calls for peace by some citizens on both sides of the border. One of them is Ranveer Singh who has joined the peace brigade and has issued a statement calling for opening up of art borders.

Ranveer said that art and political warfare should not be mixed because it belongs to different "realms". 

“I am very cognisant that there is this school of thought that one should not mix art and sport with it, they are two different realms," said Ranveer.

According to Ranveer, it will not be pertinent to mix artists and soldiers because a soldier doesn't make the same sacrifices as an artiste. Artistes belong to an altogether different boundary.

"But at the same time, as artists and sportsmen, we are not sacrificing the same way that some of our compatriots are. Art and sports are different realms. The boundaries should be different," added the Gully Boy actor.

Ranveer Singh says it will be good if India stops engaging militarily. He stresses that even a soldier's family doesn't want war.  “If there's even one mother of a soldier who believes that we shouldn't engage (militarily), we should follow that,” Ranveer said.

Earlier Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar had canceled their plans to go to Karachi to attend an event and Ajay Devgn and his team of his film Total Dhamaal had said that they would not release the film in Pakistan in wake of the Pulwama Attacks. 

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