Ranveer Singh Brings the Heat to London With THIS Pic!
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Ranveer Singh Brings the Heat to London With THIS Pic!

Ranveer Singh is known for versatility in his acting skills. The actor is also a fitness enthusiast and often posts pictures that flaunt his chiseled body.

Ranveer Singh and wife Deepika Padukone have been busy shooting in London for their film ‘83’ which is based on the Indian Team that won the World Cup. Ranveer Singh is playing the role of the captain Indian Cricket Team Kapil Dev in 1983 and Deepika Padukone is playing his life. The shooting has also provided the couple a chance to spend some quality time together which is otherwise not often due to their respective busy schedules. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have also obliged fans by clicking selfies with them.

Ranveer Singh adding to the heat in London

Ranveer Singh is a fitness enthusiast and often puts up the pictures flaunting his well-toned body. He recently posted a poucture soaking the London sun with the caption. ‘Heat wave in the UK’

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Heat wave in the UK

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The shirtless Ranveer Singh is sitting on a white chair with a towel on his head and sunglasses on eyes. His flawless abs are the highlight of the photo. The caption ‘heatwave in London’ is suggestive that Ranveer Singh is also adding to the heat in London.

Social Media Reactions

Ranveer Singh’s fans loved the photo and found him the reason for contributing to the heat wave with his hotness.

‘cause of global warmin’

‘OMG hot guy. too much hottness... Love you ran’

‘What's more Hot?? The weather or you @ranveersingh ??’

‘Feeling the heat’

Ranveer Singh was criticized for posting a picture flaunting his body and diet

Ranveer Singh was criticized in the past for putting up a picture where he mentioned he did not take carbs while flaunting his chiseled body. He captioned the photo as, ‘Me looking at you eating carbs like’

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Me looking at you eating carbs like

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This post did not sit well with many Twitter users who believed that this was more demotivating than motivating. Not everyone can take care of their bodies as celebrities do. They have a team of people working on them To enhance their fitness while normal people do not have that luxury.

Ranveer Singh took the criticism in light stride and posted another picture showing his body with the caption, ‘Extra gluten, please’

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Extra gluten, please

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2019 has been special for Ranveer Singh

2019 has been a special year for Ranveer Singh. He began the year as a married man with the love of his life Deepika Padukone. He won Filmfare Critics Award of the Best Actor for his strong performance in the film Padmaavat as Alauddin Khilji. In this film, he played the role of the antagonist with great intensity getting out of his comfort zone.

2019 also saw one of the best performances of Ranveer Singh’s career in Zoya Akhtar's film ‘Gully Boy’ where he played the role of a boy living in the slums of Mumbai who dreamed big. The fans are now looking forward to his film ‘83’.

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