'Rann' court case was settled for Rs.55 lakh
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'Rann' court case was settled for Rs.55 lakh

Out-of-court settlement costly for producers

Just two days prior of the release of 'Rann' the producers of the film, Madhu Mentana and Sheetal Talwar, had an out-of-court settlement with Sonal Mehta, who had filed a copyright violation case against them.

It's now been revealed that the makers coughed up a sum of Rs.55 lakh for the settlement, the amount demanded by Sonal.

A freelance journalist and writer, Sonal had taken Ram Gopal Varma and the producers of "Rann" to court for alleged breach of copyright. Sonal had filed a case in Bombay High Court claiming breach of confidential information and infringement of her copyright in the literary work, including screenplay and script.

The film's producers agreed to pay her the compensation to avoid the film's release being delayed.

Ram Gopal Varma, however, was dead against paying the compensation and has even lashed out at Sonal, calling her "a fraud, a scamster and an opportunist".

"I will proceed with action against her to teach her, and the likes of her, a strong lesson as soon as I get free from my work," Ramu is reported to have said.

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