Rangoli Chandel Called Out by Sona Mohapatra Over Tweets About 'Fake Feminazis'
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Rangoli Chandel Called Out by Sona Mohapatra Over Tweets About 'Fake Feminazis'

Rangoli Chandel has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Now, she has been schooled by Sona Mahapatra for her recent remarks on ‘fake feminazi’. Here’s more!

Rangoli Chandel has been making more headlines than need be, and al for the wrong reasons. It appears that she has also been dragging her sister, Kangana Ranaut, down with her. With her perpetual celebrity bashings to her constant need to find fault to her involvement in the Roshan family feud, Rangoli Chandel has been pushing all the wrong buttons as of late and has officially become the most disliked person in the industry. The sister and manager of Kangana Ranaut has been wreaking havoc on social media and cannot tolerate a word being said against her sister. From Taapsee Pannu, to Deepika Padukone to Hrithik Roshan, Rangoli hasn’t spared anyone.

Just the other day, Rangoli also got into a spat with a journalist at the trailer release of Judgementall Hai Kya and has been on an absolute Twitter bashing bender. Now, in a recent interview, Rangoli has shown support for director Sandeep Reddy Vanga for his misogynistic remarks following harsh criticism of his film, Kabir Singh. She has been on a Twitter bashing spree, not sparing anyone who raised their voices against the filmmaker.

Rangoli accused 'fake feminazis' of showing 'selective outrage' to an 'outsider', while other films are also misogynistic. But Sona Mohapatra was having none of it and has blasted Rangoli Chandel, saying she was 'deranged' to use a term like 'fake feminazi'. Sona Mohapatra is known in the industry to be vocal about various issues and speak her mind. She decided to take Rangoli head on by saying that a term like that has deeper connotations and shouldn't be used lightly. She also said that it doesn't make sense when the terms fake and feminazi are used together and accused Rangoli of not really knowing wha she was saying. She then asserted that Rangoli should take a break and "find her bearings."

“Fake Feminazi = fake being opposite of genuine,Nazi being a cuss word.. means someone like you, whose not a feminist ? You need to demolish all such non ‘feminists’, you mean? Like yourself? ( P.S You are sounding deranged. Do yourself a favour,take a break, find your bearings),” she wrote in her tweet.

Sona’s tweet came in response to Rangoli Chandel’s following tweet:

“This is how we need to demolish fake feminazi and movie mafia’s selective outrage, discrimination and outsiders bullying, well done friends!!!”

Rangoli’s recent behaviour is proof that she is someone that you do not want to mess with. While she is never one to back down when she is being criticised, she is yet to comment on Sona’s tweet.

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