Randhir Kapoor Reacts to Stories of Rishi Kapoor Suffering From Cancer
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Randhir Kapoor Reacts to Stories of Rishi Kapoor Suffering From Cancer

Reports had suggested that Rishi Kapoor was in the US for treatment for cancer after the actor tweeted about ‘wear and tear’ to his body

A few days ago, millions of Rishi Kapoor’s fans got worried when the veteran actor tweeted that he was taking a break from work to go to the US for some medical treatment. He urged fans not to speculate and insisted that ‘it had been 45 years plus of wear and tear at the movies’.

This is his tweet:

The result of this was that he along with son Ranbir had to miss his mother Krishna Raj Kapoor’s funeral in Mumbai a few days ago.

With everyone concerned about Rishi Kapoor’s health, a report on a website that claimed that the actor was suffering from cancer, shocked his fans. Peepingmoon.com, quoting a website, reported that according to unconfirmed reports, Rishi was suffering from cancer and was in the same hospital in NYC, the Sloan Kettering Hospital where Sonali Bendre has been admitted as she continues her fight against cancer.

As the news sent shockwaves in the industry, elder brother Randhir Kapoor stepped in to rubbish the reports. In an interview to Times of India, Randhir said that the exact nature of Rishi’s ailment was yet to be diagnosed. “He has not even started undergoing tests there; how can people speculate that he has cancer and that too, one that has escalated to an advanced stage. Let him undergo tests peacefully; whatever the results, we will let everyone know.”

Randhir added that Rishi had reached America only a few days ago and he was being prepared for the tests that he has to undergo. “Depending on what the results are, his line of treatment, medication and other modalities will be decided upon. It’s not fair to speculate things just like that," Randhir told the newspaper.

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