Randeep Hooda Wants a Child via Surrogacy but his Father Says No
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Randeep Hooda Wants a Child via Surrogacy but his Father Says No

Randeep Hooda wanted to be a surrogate father but his father has discouraged him to do this. In a recent interview, he has mentioned how he has been told not to go ahead with this even though his parents were okay with it initially. Read more

Randeep Hooda is a talented actor in Bollywood who has made his mark via performing character roles very well. In recent news, it has been learnt that Randeep Hooda wants to be a surrogate father. Randeep’s parents, however have discouraged him.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Randeep shared, “I thought about having my own child through surrogacy. I even discussed this with my parents and they were (initially) okay with this thought and idea.”

But apparently, his father said that it was not a good idea to have a surrogate child without a defined mother figure.

“My dad said, ‘Beta, bachhon ko maa ki zaroorat hoti hai (a child needs a mother). How are you going to manage that? Do you want your child to be deprived of a mother?’ I said ‘No’. I would rather wait for the right time to get married and have a child, who would get both parents to love him/her.”

Indians laws too don't allow fathers to adopt for surrogacy and don't allow males to adopt unless they can define a mother figure to the adopting and surrogate agencies.

Randeep seems to share a positive relationship with both his parents as he posted a picture with his mother with on mother’s day hence.

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He also posted a picture with his father who had wished him good tidings.

"The happiest moments are when your dad is proud of what you achieve," posted Randeep. "He rarely comes to see me ride and when he did I won .. so now he wants to come more often."

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