Ranbir Kapoor Once Dated a Divorced Socialite... 10 Not-So-Known Facts About the Star
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Ranbir Kapoor Once Dated a Divorced Socialite... 10 Not-So-Known Facts About the Star

Here are a list of all the things you wanted to know about Ranbir Kapoor – from his illustrious family, cinematic influences and personal life

1. Ranbir was his illustrious grandfather Raj Kapoor’s favourite grandchild. Whenever Ranbir’s mom Neetu Singh Kapoor scolded Ranbir, the little brat would complain to his Dadajee who would fire the hell out of Neetu.

2. Childhood memories are of Raj Kapoor on Sunday mornings with all his grandchildren. Ranbir remembers his grandfather sitting with a packet of toffees that he distributed to all the kids. Ranbir once asked Raj Saab for a suit when he was visiting Russia. He got back two bags of suits in every colour possible. He never shopped for anyone else.

3. Raj Kapoor remains the biggest cinematic influence on Ranbir. The first RK film that Ranbir saw was Shree 420. Ranbir says he was bowled over. If given a chance to do a bio-pic he would like to play Raj Kapoor. If given a chance to play a woman, Ranbir wants to play Lata Mangeshkar whose voice was a deep influence on Raj Kapoor’s cinema.

4. Ranbir is a complete Mama’s Boy. In fact his mother used to cut his nails until Ranbir moved out of his family bungalow. Who does it for him now we wonder!

5. He has dated the most beautiful women including a divorced socialite and had his first girlfriend when he was in Class 7. When that relationship broke up, Ranbir thought he’d never fall in love again.

6. After completing his Standard 12 in Mumbai, Ranbir went to New York to a film school. Every weekend, he’d take a train to Queens to watch a Bollywood film. Ranbir was inspired by the works of Raj Kapoor, Guru Dutt, Mehboob Khan and Bimal Roy. His father Rishi Kapoor made Ranbir watch their works. Ranbir is not influenced by actors but directors.

7. He is an amazing mimic. On the sets of his first film Saawariya, he would regale everyone with his pitch-perfect imitation of Shah Rukh, Hrithik and Sanjay Dutt. Ranbir went on to portray Sanjay Dutt in the biopic Sanju. Dutt dotes on Ranbir and heaped him with expensive gifts.

8. While Ranbir is a favourite in the entire Kapoor clan, it is his uncle Rajiv ‘Chimpu’ Kapoor whom he is closest to. Chimpu who lives in Pune insists on buying expensive gifts for his favourite nephew. These include high-end watches.

9. Ranbir’s Naani (mom Neetu Singh’s mom) adored Ranbir. Her room in the Kapoor bungalow was right in front of  Ranbir’s bedroom. The old lady would barge in any time to inquire about her grandson favourite grandson.When she died Ranbir couldn’t get over her absence for a long time.

10. Although grew up watching his parents go through their ups and downs, Ranbir firmly believes in the institution of marriage. Will Alia Bhatt be the one he finally says ‘I do’ too? There are strong rumours that Bollywood’s ‘it couple’ would be exchanging vows after the release of Brahmastra.

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