"Ranbir is a Better Actor Than Shah Rukh": Kajol
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"Ranbir is a Better Actor Than Shah Rukh": Kajol

Kajol doesn't think too highly of her DDLJ co-star Shah Rukh Khan's acting abilities!

What’s making waves in Bollywood these days is Kajol’s bold but, we must admit, rather honest statement! She firmly maintains that Ranbir Kapoor is a better actor than her all-time favourite, Shah Rukh Khan. And Kajol really doesn’t care what people will speculate about her friendship with SRK. Perhaps the only one who understands her is Sonam Kapoor who says, “Honesty is not appreciated in Bollywood.”

In fact, Kajol was her typical candid self on Koffee with Karan where she shared a couch with cousin Ayan Mukerji. When K Jo asked her why she’s never played the village belle or other such non-glam roles she fired back with a laugh, “That’s because I always felt I looked rich!”

Kajol also refuses to be trapped in speculation on her husband Ajay’s supposed roving eye. Her explanation on her marriage is, “So far so good. Of course we have our rocky moments and very often we agree to disagree…But that’s about it.” According to the grapevine, Ajay has somewhat sobered up since his children are growing up now and he feels more responsible and answerable as a father and husband.

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