Ramcharan Teja Overwhelmed by Response to His Film

Ramcharan Teja Overwhelmed by Response to His Film

Ramcharan's latest film Rangasthalam is a hit!
Ramcharan Teja Overwhelmed by Response to His Film

The response to Telugu superstar Ramcharan Teja’s new release Rangasthalam is overwhelming. And Ramcharan is overwhelmed too. “We were a hundred percent sure that my audience would respond positively to my changed image.My effort to reinvent myself as an actor  couldn’t go unrewarded.  But what we’ve received  for the  film is beyond anything we had hoped for. It is very very humbling.I can’t even begin to  tell you the kind  love Rangasthalam has received.It encourages me to attempt more films that take our cinema away from the expected.” Rangasthalam is being touted as  the  Ramcharan’s biggest opener ever, and he’s grateful. “We’ve only been hearing praise from everywhere, not just here in India but outside as well. What can  I say?The hard work and prayers have worked.”

Ramcharan is  about to start  his next project . “It’s directed by Boyapati Srinu and my co-star is Kiara Advani. That’s all I can tell you right now. As far as  doing more out-of-the-box work is concerned, I’ve already begun walking down that road and there is  no stopping me.” Ramcharan  completes  Boyapati project before he embarks  on  his most ambitious project till date. A  film directed  by Rajamouli. “I can’t tell you anything  about that because I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement. In any case I  know nothing about the subject.The director would be narrating the script to me after two months.We start that after I finish my film with Boyapati.” So did Ramcharan  sign the Rajamouli film without hearing  the subject? “More or less,” he replies. “When  you are offered a film with Rajamouli you are hardly going to ask questions,right?” argues Ramcharan, basking  in the swelling tide  of encomium for Rangasthalam. What is  the best compliment he has received so far? “Well my wife(Upasana Kamineni) really liked my performance. That means a  lot to me. She has always been very supportive and encouraging. I sometimes  consider myself  the luckiest guy in the world.” Not that he has  not been  challenged as an actor before. Says  the softspoken Telugu superstar, “Even in my last film Dhruva where I played a a cop I had to  beef up for the part. I built the  body that the film required.Unfortunately  Dhruva  came  at the time when the country was  hit by demonetization. My audience  was just not in the mood to spend on movie tickets. So  Dhruva suffered, yes. But never mind. I am as proud of that film as I am of everything I’ve done so far.”

Ramcharan admits Rangasthalam is a new beginning for him.  “After ten  years of acting I needed a  complete change. I have to constantly challenge myself as an actor.And what bigger challenge than this  film where I play a real-life character who is also deaf.It’s a completely different  zone of performance for me.Hopefully my audience is  going to be as excited by me makeover as  I am.” The superstar of Andhra who made his acting debut in 2007 , says Rangasthalam was  a first  for him on many levels. “I’ve  never played a rural character before. In fact I had never stayed in a village  before, though I’ve  visited  my native village with my father(Telugu cinema’s legend Chiranjeevi)  a few times.  But this was my first exposure to rural  life. We actually went and stayed  in the remotest  town on the map of Andhra Pradeshwhere there was no network for mobile services,  no luxury hotels. Nothing to remind me of my metropolitan  existence. We had to rough it out. The entire  process  of acclimatization   changed my attitude to the process of acting.” Ramcharan also spent considerable time understanding his character’s physical  disability. “I spent five months understanding the character’s body language and his  hearing disability . Since I had never played a rustic character before I wanted to ensure I got it right. I didn’t want my portrayal to look superficial.” He is  full of praise  for the team of Rangasthalam. “I have to admit that  the  script itself  was so  coherent and  comprehensive  it made my job easier.I also had a fabulous  co-star in Samantha Akkineni. Without her, my performance  would not have been possible.She is truly one  of  the  best co-stars I’ve worked with.”

The  young actor hopes his  fan base  would be as charmed by  his  makeover as  he is . “We  gave  the  film as big and wide a release as  my other films.  I hope the audience gives it the same love and appreciation that they’ve always given to my films. Am I anxious for the   change of image? Not anxious. Because change is imperative for an actor. With Rangashthalam I’ve entered a more realistic  phase of acting.  I hope to do more such roles in future.”
For now the best endorsement for his  new avatar comes from Ramchararan’s father the great Chiranjeevi. “He saw some rushes of Rangasthalam and he felt I had nailed it. To me that was  the most satisfying moment  since I took up this challenge. Now I  look forward to the audiences’ response.Hopefully my journey into a   new phase would be as smooth as it has been for the  first ten years.”