Ramadan Special: 30 Days, 30 Tastes For Fasting Workers!

Ramadan Special: 30 Days, 30 Tastes For Fasting Workers!

Homegrown Dubai restaurants come up with unique campaign to provide 30 kinds of cuisine this Ramadan!

A multi-cuisine iftar awaits the labourers in New Dubai who will work in the evening shifts this Ramadan! A unique campaign initiated by a string of Dubai restaurants, labourers will be treated to a different kind of cuisine every day throughout this holy month. 

Pakistani, Lebanese, Mexican and Colombian are just some of the types that the fasting worker will get to sample at iftar. In an Xpress report, owner of pop-up restaurant MotiRoti, Tahir Shah who started the campaign titled 'Filling the Blues' says, "The objective is to have a homegrown restaurant provide iftar to around 100 workers doing the evening shifts. The response has been amazing. No sooner had we spread the word about the idea than a host of restaurants came forward to book a night on the calendar. We were almost covered even before Ramadan started."

Shah said that the campaign goes back to 2007 when he and a friend spotted  workers toiling away in a construction site. He says, "Filling the Blues shows how people and local businesses who might be in competition with each other can come together during Ramadan. We now have a chance to give back to the workers who have built our restaurants, homes and offices."

The initiative to introduce a new dish every day is truly unique. With restaurants providing different cuisines joining the campaign, the workers will have the opportunity to experience a variety of flavours. For instance, if Shah's MotiRoti served an iftar of chicken, curry and rotis on one day, Mexican restaurant Taqado served its traditional poblono soup with burritos next.


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