Ramadan Rules: Dos and Don’t in Ramadan 2019

Ramadan Rules: Dos and Don’t in Ramadan 2019

Things you need to know before your first Ramadan in Dubai

Dubai is the world’s new global center. People from all over the world have made it home and cannot help loving it more. The beauty of this city is that it has the ability to engulf everyone in its warm blanket. Everyone who comes here is able to blend in and miss Dubai even if they leave it. The UAE practices Shariah Law and is also one of the most progressive cities and tolerant cities in the world. Here people from all faiths and cultures coexist and have complete freedom to exercise their religious and cultural rites.

Dubai wears diversity proudly like a medal on its shirt. Here a woman wearing an abaya is as safe as the one choosing to dress up modern. Living in Dubai all these years never made me uncomfortable. I always knew I was safe no matter what I wore or where I went. The policy of  'live and let others live' has made this desert attractive even for the ones coming from green pastures.

Although the state religion is Islam but there is a huge non-Muslim population that lives freely. Both cultures co-exist and share their respective festivities.

Ramadan is the most festive month in Dubai. Although it has a strong religious significance, the cultural aspect is also equally notable.

Here are some quick facts you might need to know if it is your first Ramadan in Dubai.

1. You are not allowed to eat publicly during the fasting hours. Even if you are not fasting you are supposed to respect the decorum in public. Food deliveries are legit though.

2. Some restaurants are open during the Ramadan too but there is not a dine-in option. Pack your food and go home.

3. Work hours are considerably less. Even the time you spend in the office is chilled out and relaxed during Ramadan.

4. You wish Ramadan Kareem to everyone.

5. Restaurants are open all night. Eat your heart out, guys.

6. Do not miss Ramadan tents. Look out for the ones nearest to you. Khaimas are lit!

7. Most of the eateries have special Ramadan deals. You will find the best buffet offers of the year during Ramadan.

8. Groceries get considerably cheap. Most supermarkets have special Ramadan offers.

9. Eid (the festival when Ramadan ends) comes with the best holidays ever.

10. You are going to miss Ramadan when it’s over. It is the best part of the year.

Explore a lot more about this festive month yourself. We would love to hear from you about your first Ramadan in Dubai. Let us know in the comments if you have spent Ramadan in Dubai!

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By Saadia Ahmed
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