Ramadan Recipes: Shami Kebab

Ramadan Recipes: Shami Kebab

Now, here is an Iftar favourite!

Shami Kebab

(Serves four)


500g lamb (diced)

150g chana dhal

10g coriander seeds

30g ginger

15g garlic

10g green cardamom

5g black cardamom

15g cumin seeds

10g black pepper

50g fresh coriander leaves

Oil for frying


Mint Chutney


• In a pan, boil the diced lamb pieces with all other ingredients until soft.

• Take out the contents and allow to cool; then pass them through a mincer twice.

• Prepare round shaped patties of 50g each and place on a tray.

• Pre-heat frying oil at 170 degrees Celsius and, then, cook the patties until golden brown.


To Serve:

Serve hot with mint chutney

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