Ramadan Recipes: Pumpkin Moutabel

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Ramadan Recipes: Pumpkin Moutabel

Pumpkin Moutabel

(Serves four)


500g yellow pumpkin

200g yogurt

100g tahini oil

1 lemon (juice)


1tsp paprika

½tsp cumin



100ml olive oil

50g fresh pomegranates


• Peel the pumpkin, boil it for 10 minutes and then cool it down.

• Crush the cooked pumpkin with a fork.

• Pour the tahini oil into a bowl along with the lemon juice and whisk them together till you feel that it becomes hard to mix.

• Add the yogurt to the tahini and lemon mixture and mix them together, adding the salt, paprika and cumin.

• Mix the crushed pumpkin thoroughly with the mixture and season well.


To Serve:

Place the mixture on the serving plates with some fresh pomegranates and olive oil on the top and serve with Arabic bread.