Ramadan Recipes: Mashwaya Salad

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Ramadan Recipes: Mashwaya Salad

Mashwaya Salad

(Serves four)


300g green capsicum

300g yellow capsicum

300g red capsicum

300g chopped red onions

300g tomatoes cut into cubes

10g chilli paste

10g cumin powder

10g salt

100ml lemon juice

100ml olive oil


10g parsley



• Grill all the green, yellow and red capsicums, and then take their skins off.

• Cut the capsicums into cubes.

• Mix all of the capsicum cubes, chopped onions, tomato cubes, chilli paste, cumin powder and the salt in a mixing bowl.

• Then toss them well with lemon juice and olive oil.


To Serve:

Place on each serving plate and garnish with some parsley on the top.


To Serve:

Place the mixture on the serving plates with some fresh pomegranates and olive oil on the top and serve with Arabic bread.