Ramadan Recipes: Couscous and Chicken Salad

Ramadan Recipes: Couscous and Chicken Salad

If you feel like a salad today.......

Couscous and Chicken Salad

(Serves four)


100g couscous

50ml chicken stock

100ml tomato juice

10g cucumber (diced)

10g tomato (diced)

10g onion (diced)

5g parsley (chopped)

5g coriander leaves (chopped)

5g mint leaves (chopped)

5g red pepper (diced)

5g green pepper (diced)

5g yellow pepper (diced)

100g chicken breast (boiled and diced)

5g raisins

5g pine nuts

10ml lemon juice

10ml olive oil


White pepper


Garnish /Condiments:

Mixed pickle



• Toss raw cous cous with the salt and pepper and the olive oil in a bowl and set aside.

• Re-heat the chicken stock and combine with the tomato juice in a pot.

• Pour contents into the flat bowl, which contains the couscous; immediately cover tightly with cling film and leave for about thirty minutes.

• Open and carefully scrape contents with a dinner fork; then, transfer contents into a mixing bowl and leave them to cool.

• Mix all the listed ingredients in the bowl with lemon juice and olive

oil dressing.

To Serve:

Serve the mixture in salad bowls with some mixed pickle on the side

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