Ramadan 2019 Free Parking Hours and Timings in UAE

Ramadan 2019 Free Parking Hours and Timings in UAE

This Ramadan 2019, the parking hours in the UAE will be free for a certain period of time. Read below what times they’ll be
Ramadan 2019 Free Parking Hours and Timings in UAE

Ramadan is a month of blessings for all. In this month, there is a lot of socializing, praying and even shopping. The UAE government has relaxed many rules for Ramadan, such as working hours and has even mandated discounts for retailers. However, another great value for UAE residents is the parking fees which is going to be free in Ramadan for certain timings. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah will all benefit from free parking hours. During Taraweeh (the last prayer of the day during Ramadan) the parking hours will be free. There are certain hours, according to various reports in Khaleej Times, Gulf News and The National, in which you can enjoy free parking hours. Check them out below.

Free Parking Hours in Abu Dhabi:

The ITC announced that for those individuals who will be offering tawareeh prayers, there will be an exemption from Mawafiq fees in the parking bays around mosques. However, this does not mean you can block ways.

Free Parking Hours in Sharjah:

Sharjah Municipality announced that all parking spots will be free during Taraweeh prayers. Parking bays around mosques will be free for one hour after the adhan. However, motorists are advised to avoid other parking violations.

Parking fees in Dubai:

From Saturday to Thursday: From 8am to 6pm, and from 8pm to midnight.
In Barsha Heights, the tariff will apply from 8am up to 6pm.
At multi-level parking lots, fees will be applicable 24/7.


Due to the rush hour near iftar time, the Dubai Police have warned against speeding follow traffic rules in the holy month of Ramadan. Dubai Police has urged drivers to show tolerance towards other drivers and exhibit patience and restraint.