Ramadan 2019 Fasting: Diet Plan/Food Ideas to Follow
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Ramadan 2019 Fasting: Diet Plan/Food Ideas to Follow

Ramadan 2019 is just around the corner and here are some diet plans/food ideas that you can follow

Ramadan 2019 is upon us. Each year, Muslims across the world observe Ramadan and fast for 29-30 lunar days. The fast is observed by not eating, drinking and doing more prayer and avoiding sinful activities. Ramadan is also filled with scrumptious food at iftar and suhoor. Iftar is when Muslims break their fast and Suhoor is the food to eat before early morning prayer as the fast begins. Most people tend to overeat at these times and a lot of 'iftar parties' tend to have a lot of fried food. Here's how you can follow a good diet plan to follow this Ramadan 2019.

1. Water in Suhoor

A lot of people focus on eating oily food in suhoor and completely neglect water. The human body needs water more than it needs food. It's only your brain saying that you need to eat - but truly, the body needs fluid to survive. Humans are 70% fluid and the best way to have a good satisfying suhoor is to make sure you take plenty of fluids (preferably water or natural juices) to stay hydrated for a long day.

2. Fruits in Iftar

Heavy desserts may seem tempting at iftaar, but the best way to have a great iftar is to fulfil that sugar craving by eating fruits. Fruits with lots of fluid such as oranges and watermelon can be a really good way to replenish your body after a long day of avoiding food.

3. Give in to temptation at Iftar - sometimes

Just because you have to keep on a 'strict' diet plan doesn't mean you can't occasionally binge. Diet and health experts also allow cheat meals and the same rule should apply in Ramadan!

4. Brisk walk post Iftar

Eating a lot after a long day without food is not exactly going to make you feel great. The best way to take yourself out of that post overdose binge is a nice walk. A small walk or any exercise regimen, really, is going to make you feel refreshed and snap you out of the food coma.

5. Healthy Foods to Snack On

Iftar is not the end of the meal. For those of us who like to stay up late in Ramadan, there are plenty of healthy ways to snack on. Nuts, granola bars, berries and fruit yoghurt are great snacks to chew on.

Have anything to add or interesting tips? Add in the comments below!

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