Ramadan 2018: Iftar of the Day – Al Nafoorah, Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Fuss free and delicious, this is the perfect Iftar this Holy Month
Ramadan 2018: Iftar of the Day – Al Nafoorah, Jumeirah Emirates Towers
The Al Nafoorah Iftar Buffet

While nutritionists advise that Iftar meals should be kept light and not an excuse to binge after breaking your fast, the spread at most Ramadan tents prompt you to do otherwise. From starters to soups to the mains to the desserts, hotels revel in over-feeding patrons during the Holy Month. Well, we all love great food and this is perhaps the best time to relish the time-tested Arabic delicacies together with your friends and family but wastage is a serious problem during this phase and let’s admit it, the lavish buffets do play a part in it.

That’s perhaps the reason why we admire the Iftar at the iconic Al Nafoorah, the popular Lebanese restaurant at Jumeirah Emirates Tower so much. The spread was just right – neither too much, nor too little – and served with minimum fuss and maximum taste! It’s all traditional Arabic classics here from salads to soups, mains to desserts, but what sets it apart from the rest are the flavours and the taste.

Lamb Ouzi

The menu, on a rotation basis, has all the favourites such as bemey Bil lahem, majbos, samkeh harra kofta bel seney, djej bil senyeh, kebbeh bil laben, mixed grill and shish barak, umm ali among others but each has been prepared with so much care, that you cannot just have one helping. Our meal began well when we tasted the vermicelli chicken soup. Light, delicious and extremely flavoursome, this is one recipe I am dying to try out at home. From among the mains, special mention must be made of the shish barak, with the delicious meat dumplings in yoghurt sauce proving to be very comforting and a perfect foil to the majboos and shish tawook. Speaking of which, I loved the grills. Succulent, juicy (thankfully not dry) and robust, the lamb and chicken were top class.

Traditional Lentil Soup 

A delectable meal, with a nice selection of desserts, the buffet at Al Nafoorah ticks all the boxes for a satisfying iftar. Highly recommended.

INFO: Daily Iftar Buffet, Dhs 195 per person (Dhs 95 for children between 6 and 12 years, under 6 for free), until 8.30pm