Ramadan 2017 Special: Iftar Preview at Jodhpur Restaurant, Downtown Dubai

A haven of decadent food!
Ramadan 2017 Special: Iftar Preview at Jodhpur Restaurant, Downtown Dubai

When it is Jodhpur and Chef Pradeep Khullar, expect the unexpected. And thankfully, they have retained the element of surprise in their eight course vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu this Ramadan. The core is the same – creative twist on traditional Indian food – but this time it comes with a slight Arabic touch. So break your fast, with not regular dates but Textured Dates (date balls stuffed with rice crisps, Dark Chocolate and coated with Coconut Milk Powder). They look like lollipops – a bit sweet and chunky but we can’t help but applaud the imagination.

The ever-popular macaroon chaat is included on the menu but some new delights deserve special mention. Like the awesome Rajma Hummus. Raising a toast to Mandarin Orange, this has hummus made with red kidney beans instead of regular chickpeas, neatly coated with Orange juice jelly that’s held together with gelatin. Scoop some on the toasted bread slice served alongside and you are in food heaven.  Koliwada prawns stuns with its robust flavours while the beef koftas are enhanced by the vermicelli coating and strawberry and green chilly chutney drenched atop. Get the drift? Basically it’s all about using Indian ingredients in unique permutations and combinations to create a whole new dining experience. The desserts include the banana and date sticky toffee pudding (we wish it was called something else though, let’s keep the classics the way they are!) and a mango cheesecake with the former winning over the latter by a mile. If going Indian yet experimental is your thing, Jodhpur has a special Ramadan indeed.

INFO: Dhs199, Downtown Dubai, 04 355 9846