Ram Gopal Varma's Sanjay Dutt Bio-Pic Will Feature Madhuri Dixit's Angle... And Other Truths!

Ram Gopal Varma's Sanjay Dutt Bio-Pic Will Feature Madhuri Dixit's Angle... And Other Truths!

Ram Gopal Varma wants to the real story of Sanjay Dutt which the biopic failed to
Ram Gopal Varma's Sanjay Dutt Bio-Pic Will Feature Madhuri Dixit's Angle... And Other Truths!

Horrified and amused by the lies, semi-truths and  whitewashing of  Sanjay Dutt’s image in Raj Kumar Hirani’s blockbuster bio-pic Sanju, Ram Gopal Varma who spent considerable  time with Sanjay Dutt during the phase when the actor was being interrogated  for his alleged hand in the 1993 Mumbai blasts,will now tell real story.

While Varma himself chooses to remain silent for legal reasons,  a  source close to the  filmmaker describes Hirani’s  bio-pic as a Walt Disney version of  Sanjay Dutt’s  life. “It’s all pink-pink rosy-rosy where Sanjay Dutt was portrayed as a victim. Whatever Sanjay Dutt wanted  to be told in Hirani’s film has gone into the  film. Ramu knows the truth. He was shooting Daud with Dutt when he was being rigorously interrogated by the cops  for his alleged hand  in the blasts. Dutt would land up  on location  quite shaken. He  once  confided in Ramu how he tried to call Madhuri Dixit from the  police station and her father answered the  phone saying she doesn’t want to talk . Ramu wants to know how  Hirani could overlook these people like Tina Munim, Madhuri Dixit, Richa Sharma and Rhea Pillai who played such an important part  in  Dutt’s life.”

They will form an  important  part of Ramu’s narrative. As  will the so-called “bad company”. Says  the source close to Ramu, “Hirani would like to blame Dutt’s friends for his troubles. But  Ramu has spoken to very senior police officers  who were  in-charge of the case. They say  the friends were  not  responsible  for his troubles. He was  responsible for all the troubles in the  lives of  people who stood by him.”

There is also the contentious  issue of Sanju’s best friend. Says  the  source close to Ramu, “The  loyal friend played by Vcvky Kaushal is supposed to be  based on Dutt’s Gujarati NRI friend Paresh Ghelani. However Ramu can vouch for  the fact that Ghelani was nowhere on the scene when Dutt’s troubles with drugs and the law  happened. Ghelani came  much  later. So  the  film is actually distorting the truth for the convenience. It’s like what Karan Johar has done to Sairat.”  

As for those  who think Ramu will be stopped in his endeavour by Dutt’s  legal advisers, Ramu is  ensconced  in  a safe zone. “All the information  on Sanjay dutt’s activities, allegations, etc are part of the public domain. Anyone can use that information and there’s nothing Dutt can  do about it,” says  the source. Ramu is at the  moment  looking at shooting towards the end of  the year with an actor, and not a star.Sources say he intends to cast Rana Daggubatti as  Sanjay Dutt. As for  the title, Ramu may call  his Sanjay Dutt bio-pic Sanju or Baba. But not  Sanju Baba.