Rakul Preet Singh Responds to Trolling for Smoking Scene in Manmadhudu 2, Compares it to Kabir Singh

Rakul Preet Singh Responds to Trolling for Smoking Scene in Manmadhudu 2, Compares it to Kabir Singh

Taking the example of Shahid Kapoor and his film Kabir Singh, Rakul Preet Singh said that an actor smoking on screen doesn’t mean they are endorsing it to their fans.

Indian actress Rakul Preet Singh has been trolled and criticized for smoking in ‘Manmadhudu 2’, reported a foreign media outlet. Recently, her character in the film was revealed via a special video but it was subjected to immense trolling and criticism. The video shows Rakul as a gentle young woman in the beginning who turns into a street smart person later on. However, the scene where Rakul is seen smoking draws ire from netizens including her fans and followers.

While speaking to an international media outlet, Rakul said, “I don’t really get bothered by trolls. I think logo ka kaam hai kehna, kuch toh log kahenge (people will say what they want to). We are playing characters, now whether it is Kabir Singh, if Shahid is smoking in the film it does not make him a smoker. No way he is promoting smoking. He is playing a character Arjun Reddy that is flawed and he does those things. In real life Shahid Kapoor is a vegetarian, we all know that.”

She further added that, “People should disassociate to what we are playing onscreen is different and it is a story of that one person...we are not putting the entire girl clan into girls not showing in the right way. That’s not happening. It is that one character Avantika that smokes and it’s her story. Once you see the film, people will know why she does. Treat it like the character...For me, it was something different. I really don’t pay attention to trolls...there are bigger and better things to do.” ‘Manmadhudu 2’ will be starring Nagarjuna Akkinenni in the lead role. This is a sequel to the first edition of Manmadhudu. Rahul’s second directorial project will pair up Rakul and Nagarjuna for the first time on screen. He debuted last year with Telugu romantic drama ‘Chi La Sow.’ Nagarjuna’s Annapurna Studios had bankrolled the project.