Confirmed! Rakhi Sawant To Get Married

Confirmed! Rakhi Sawant To Get Married

Is Rakhi Sawant’s Marriage To Stand-Up Comedian Deepak Kalal A Joke? In this Hilarious Interview, The Queen Of Chessy Controversies Swears It Is True

Raakhi,  are you getting married to Deepak Kalal on 31 December in Los Angeles?
Yes, I am. I am very excited about my marriage.

How and why did you get the urge to marry?
Haan mujhe bade zoron se  urge aaya. Everyone is doing it. Mere stomach main ek marriage ka butterly aaya.  Logon ko tatti at hai Susu at hai mujhe marriage aaya.  Even I  want to wear a  wedding saree, upload wedding photos. I am not getting married for sex. Who gets married for sex these days?  After marriage Deepak and I will live like brother and sister. He  will be my brother and  my husband

That sounds very strange?
No, it's fine. Deepak has even got my  ‘virganity’ test done. Wait, I’ll send you my ‘virganity’ certificate(sends me a certificate on WhatsApp). My ‘virganity’ test was done at Jaslok hospital. I am pavitra(pure).

Where did you meet Mr Kalal?
I met him in the US and he proposed to me immediately. He said, ‘Rakhi I am in love with you  will you marry me?’  Then again he proposed to me in front of Karan Johar on India’s Got Talent, saying how much he loved me…this and that. I  said, ‘Okay, let me  try you.’

A section of the media thinks your marriage is a joke?
(sighs) Some people never take me seriously in no matter what  I  do in life. They now feel the same about my marriage. What can I do? I don’t know what to say.  I am not like those secretive celebrity stars who marry in foreign countries and come back to India for their wedding reception (she means Deepika Padukone). My life is an open book. I’ve put videos on Instagram of all the girls who has proposed to Deepak. I’ve also put out videos on ‘Insta’  of all the guys who have proposed to me.

So what made you make your mind to marry this gentleman?
Actually, it was my ‘Insta’  followers who chose Deepak for me. When I put his proposal on the internet they said,  yes marry him. Mere fans mere Bhagwan ki Terah hain.My sirf apne Instagram and Facebook fans like liye Shaadi kar rahi hoon(my fans are like God to me. I  am only getting married to my fans on Instagram and Facebook).

Are you moving to LA  after marriage?
Yes, I am going to move to LA  and start my dance academy, the Rakhi Sawant  Dance Academy.  It will be fully financed by  Deepak Kalal. And  I am going to surrogate a baby.

You mean you are going to be a surrogate mother?
Yes,  because…ummm….I’ve heard  …I do n’t know how to say this….Deepak can’t produce any children. You understand what I am trying to say, right? Question mark…ab main pane moon se kya bolun(what can I  can I say ?).

So congratulations are in order then?
Thank you so much. Dekhiye main thodi bahot comedy karti hoon. But I did my Swayamvar on television many years ago. Why didn’t anyone say that was a joke? Main jo bhi karti hoon dunke ke chot par karti hoon(I do everything openly).Main khul-e-aam kar rahi hoon shaadi (I am getting married openly). In case you still have doubts I am sending shots of Deepak and my tickets to LA. We are getting congratulatory messages from Pakistan, India,  China and Bhutan. Please give your best wishes.